Time division multiple access
Basic Networking

Time Division Multiplexing

Let us learn some of the basic information about the time-division multiplexing and different types of multiplexing in it. The time-division multiplexing can be of two types. It can be statistical time division multiplexing and frequency division multiplexing. Before we discuss the different types of multiplexing. Let us study what actually the multiplexing is?. Multiplexing […]

Code division multiple access
Basic Networking

Code Division Multiple Access

Introduction: Code Division Multiple Access(CDMA) is a communication channel used to send the signal through various communication technologies in CDMA serval users can share the bandwidth and also this CDMA acts as interface several users. Every channel has a specific code in this.CDMA is widely used in cellular-communications for further better use of the technology. […]

Artificial intelligence and machine learning
Basic Networking

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In the rising technology, many people are dreamed of talking robots, flying rockets. This is where artificial intelligence came into life. Artificial intelligence is nothing but, the work done by humans can be done with the help of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can predict earthquakes, tsunamis. We have also seen virtual predictive assistance like Alexa, […]

Asynchronous Data Transfer
Basic Networking

Asynchronous Transfer Mode

The Asynchronous transfer mode is shortly called the ATM. The data can be transferred through broadband communication and works at high speed. It uses a new technology called broadband communication. The transfer of data can be based on packet switching. The asynchronous transfer mode is mainly used in the telecommunication system and in long-distance carriers. […]