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Table of Content of the PDF of OSI Model

Introduction to OSI Model

History of OSI Reference Model

TCP/IP Reference Model

History of TCP/IP Reference Model

Difference between the OSI and TCP-IP model.

similarities between the OSI and TCP-IP model

7 Layers Of OSI Model 

Physical Layer

Functions of Physical Layer

Representation of Bits

Bit Synchronisation

Bit Rate Control

Line Configuration

Physical Topologies

Transmission Mode

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Data Link Layer

How the Data Link Layer works:

Functions of Data Link Layer


Physical Addressing

Error detection

Access control

Flow control


This is the index of OSI Model PDF

Network Layer

Functions of Network Layer


Routing path selection

Logical Addressing


Circuit Switching

Packet Switching

Security Services

Transport Layer 

Introduction to Transport Layer

Service provided by transport layer

Connection-Oriented protocol.

Connectionless protocol

Functions of transport layer

Service Point addressing

Segmentation and Reassembly

Connection Control.

Multiplexing and De-multiplexing.

Flow Control

Error Control

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Session Layer In OSI Model 

Introduction to Session Layer

Purpose of the Session Layer

Various Functions of the Session Layer

Session establishment, maintenance, and termination


Dialog Controller

Services provided by the Session Layer:




Presentaion Layer

Introduction to Presentation layer

Purpose of the Presentation Layer

Roles, Functions, and Protocols of presentation Layer

various functions of Presentation layer

Character-Code Translation

Data Conversion

Data Compression

Data Encryption and Decryption

Data Translation

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Application Layer

Introduction to Application layer

Some of the services provided by the application layer:

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

File Transfer, access and management

Web surfing

Mail service

Directory services

Exchange of messages


Virtual terminals


Network Virtual Terminal

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The Protocols in the application layer are:

HTTP- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

HTTPS: Hyper Text Tranfer Protocol Secure

FTP: File Transfer Protocl

TFTP: Trivial File Transfer Protocol

POP3: Post Office Protocol V-3

IMAP: Internet Message Access Protocol

TELNET: Telecommunication Network

NFS: Network File System

SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SMTP: Simple Mail Tranfer Protocol

SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol

DNS: Domain Name Service

DHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

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Osi Model Pdf Notes

Table of contents

  • Network Reference Model
  • OSI Reference Model
  • OSI Model – The upper Layer
  • OSI Model – The Application Layer
  • OSI Model – The Presentation Layer
  • OSI Model – The Session Layer
  • OSI Model – The Lower Layer
  • OSI Model – The Transport Layer
  • OSI Model – The Network Layer
  • OSI Model – The Data Link Layer
  • OSI Model – The Physical Layer
  • Encapsulation and Layered Communication
  • Encapsulation Illustrated
  • OSI Reference Model Example
  • IP and the DoD Model

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OSI And TCP/IP Model Pdf

  • Table of Content
  • Introduction to the OSI Model
  • What the OSI Model Looks Like
  • OSI Model Layer Mnemonics
  • Encapsulation/De-encapsulation
  • How Data Is Referred to in the OSI Model
  • Physical Layer of OSI Model
  • Physical Layer of OSI Model (Continued)
  • Data Link Layer of OSI Model
  • Data Link Layer of OSI Model (Continued)
  • LLC and MAC Sublayers
  • Network Layer of OSI Model
  • Transport Layer of OSI Model
  • Transport Layer of OSI Model (Continued)
  • Session Layer of OSI Model
  • Presentation Layer of OSI Model
  • Presentation Layer of OSI Model (Continued)
  • Application Layer of OSI Model
  • How Data Moves Through the OSI Model
  • How Data Moves Through the OSI Model
  • How Data Moves Through the OSI Model
  • Data as It Appears to the System Moving
    Down the OSI Layers
  • Data as It Moves Through OSI Layers, Sent by
    One Computer and Received by Another
  • TCP/IP Model
  • TCP/IP Model (Continued)
  • Application Layer of TCP/IP Model
  • Transport Layer of TCP/IP Model
  • Internet Layer of TCP/IP Model
  • Interface Layer of TCP/IP Model
  • Alternate Layer Names for the TCP/IP Model
  • How the Layers Work Together
  • TCP/IP Model and its Relation to Protocols of
    the TCP/IP Suite
  • Summary