Cisco Router

Cisco Router Show Commands

Like any other operating system, the Cisco operating system enables the administrator to run certain commands to retrieve or change the configuration parameters of the Cisco Router.

Among these commands “show” is a powerful command used in CISCO IOS and it gives you the most important data that you may want to view.

Below is the list of most commonly used show commands used in Cisco devices.

CISCO IOS command Meaning
R1# show interfaces Used in order to display the information of all interfaces.
R1#show version To display the version information
R1# show interface fa0/0 Show information associated with interface fa0/0
R1#show CDP entry To display the summary of  neighbor devices
R1# show clock Display System clock
R1#show users To Display all connected users
R1#show history To view the history of Cisco IOS commands used.
R1#show flash Displays information about Flash
R1#show arp Display the ARP table
R1#show protocols Displays the status of layer three configured protocols
R1#show IP route Displays IPV4 routing table
R1#show ipv6 route Displays IPV6 route
R1# show access-list Displays the access list
R1#show cdp entry* To display detailed information about neighbor devices


Show interfaces

It is really important to know what are the interfaces available at the router and their statistics, either they are up or down. Show interfaces command is very verbose and it contains huge information, from this command you can view speed, duplex or if there is any error on the interface.

Show IP interface brief commands can be used in order to view the quick information on router interfaces including Layer2 and Layer-3 information

quick information about interfaces

Show IP arp

This command is used in order to view the ARP (Address resolution protocol) information it focuses the

Information that is retrieved from the ARP protocol is used to MAP IP addresses to MAC addresses. This information is used to send the traffic to the host that resides inside the LAN.

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Show IP protocols

This command is used when Dynamic routing protocol Like OSPF, EIGRP, BGP is running on the router. This command can be used to verify that the routing protocol is running as expected.

Show IP route

This is a very vital command used in order to verify the routing tables,

Show logging

It is used to display the Syslog errors and event logging, the show logging command displays messages that are logged into the buffer.

Show CDP neighbor

This command provides brief information about the neighbor devices, in order to view the more details, we may use show CDP neighbors details or show CDP entry *.

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