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The below figure is the frame format for IEEE 802.11. If we recognize clearly the data fields in the frame format. Frame control, duration, Address 1,2,3,4, data, and checksum are the data fields at the top of the below figure. The frame control consists of some subfields, version, type, subtype, to DS, from DS, MF, retry, power, more, and W. All the fields in the frame format represents in the bytes, and all the subfields in the data format represent in the form of the bits.

What is Frame sequence format?

To understand the concept of the Frame sequence format, let us take an example. When data is sent from one device to another device, there somehow consists a bit of error in the data. If it consists of a bad cable then it makes a noisy sound in the device. Frame sequence format is a calculation on the frame. If we calculate and send the result to the frame sequence or if we do the calculation on the frame itself, we get different results for the different calculations. Let us analyze the frame format in sequence.

In the Frame sequence format, it consists of a bit, byte, OSI layers, payload, frame. Most of us know the BIT. Every time, when we deal with the networking devices, it consists of layers 1,2, and 3 to get information from the network. The Ethernet device is in the layer. Each of the data fields is of different sizes. Layer 2 is used to perform the primary function to decapsulate the data and send it to the IP packets to forward data to the exact destination address.

The below figure is the actual frame format for the 802.11 standard Frame frequency format.

In An 802.11 Data Frame What Is The Size Of The Frame Check Sequence Field

The size of the frame control is 2 Octets which means it is 16 bit. The duration fields have a size of the same 16 bit. And we have the addresses of sizes 1,2 and 2. Each address has a size of 48 bits in it, the sequence control can be of 16 bits or 0, the service control can be of the same 16 or 0 bits, the HT control is the size of 0 or 32 bits and at last, we append the frame check sequence, the size of it is 4 octets which is exactly of 32 bits.

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