RIP Metric (Hop Count):- In the network system hop count used as a metric value. Sum of hops that means in the network system called the number of routers is to be connected from the source of the network to the destination of the networks connected with a single wire, In the Routing Information Protocol, the hop count or the metric value will be updated at every 30 seconds. In the RIP network hop count is a binary value, for example, if the hop count is 15 then the binary value is (1111) and they used four reserved digits.

The basic way to measure the hop count is taken as the distance for the current network systems, and another way to measure the distance from the two hosts If the starting host and the destination host have hop count taken as ‘X’ that equates to having ‘X’ gateways.

Will getting the optimal network path hop count is not helpful. If the network involved in the frequency and the speed of the network. In their calculation of Routing Information Protocol, the value of the hop count is considered as very small.

Another name of the hop is ‘Telecommunication’, hop is the part of the signal’s travel from the sender to receiver. Then the total number of hops can be denoted as reflections that will be from the satellite. RIP for each hop will test with three packets only. A series of networks that are to be connected with a network system and to finding the next data packet is called the next hop of the network systems.

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In a more-hop situation that is more similar on the internet, Different routers are to be grouped in getting your requests to tell the routers needed and them to go.

Hop Count Calculation:

                                            Hop Count in RIP


The above figure shows that three hops in the network system. If N1 will denote the source and N4 will denote the Destination of the network, and the hope will be calculated as the distance from the source to destination.R1 is to denote the routers of the network. Select the correct path for the Destination network that will be based on the hop count of the network, if your network has one or more than a path that will create a very different bandwidth to the destination network and the calculation will be wrong.

  • Total number of hop = 3 hops (here in this case they are, N2, N3, N4)

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