Tor is a free network that provides you total anonymity while surfing the web. using tor, you’ll search and access the normal and dark website without giving your personal identity you will able to access this anonymously i.e. by hiding your digital identity. By hiding your digital info like network name, I.P Address, location, etc you’ll able to access blocked websites that can’t access through a normal browser or network, you’ll access geolocation primarily based websites, etc. Tor network prevents others like Ad vendors to trace your search history and your location. To know more about What is Tor Browser Advantages and Disadvantages keep reading this article till the end.

Tor network is totally different from VPN as a result of a VPN supplier sets up a server remotely and permits you to use it to relay your protocol requests through it, therefore, masking your identity and your location. however, as per rule, the VPN supplier logs your IP address of each user who is using it. Tor is totally different because Tor passes your requests through a minimum of three different servers which is also called as nodes before sending it to the particular destination.

How does Tor Network work?

As it is already mentioned above, the Tor network passes traffic through a number of randomly selected servers(nodes), this method is called as Onion routing. In the method of Onion routing, the traffic is repeatedly encrypted and sent through totally different nodes called onion routers. Here the term “Onion” refers to the peeling of the networks, every onion router removes a layer of encryption to uncover the destination routing directions and so send the request to the other routers. This Onion routing hides the source and destination addresses and protects the anonymity of a user.

When the Tor client starts it obtains a list of tor nodes from a directory server, then when the user desires to go to any URL address, the tor client picks a random path to the destination server, later if the user visits another web site, the tor client can choose some other random path.

How Tor Network Work

In the above image, you’ll see the whole summary of the Tor network. The user is connected through the various IP addresses of various locations with some relay nodes, and at last, the request reaches its destination (onion) address.

How To Install and Access Tor?

The installation of Tor is very simple. Tor is offered for Windows, OSX, Linux/Unix and Android.

1) Tor Browser for Windows

If you want to download Tor Browser for the window just click here. Run the Tor browser package and the installation takes place in your chosen directory. When it is installed, open the Tor Browser.exe file, it’ll open the connection window and you will able to start the connection. Once connected, Tor clients can begin a light-weight firefox browser that is integrated with a Tor network.

2) Tor Browser for UNIX operating system

First, add the below PPA repository to your LINUX operating system machine:
Type command- [sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/tor-browser]
Then run the below command to update your UNIX operating system installation:
Type command- [sudo apt-get update]
Now, use the below code to install the tor browser:
Type command- [sudo apt-get install tor-browser]
(Note: In LUNIX operating system  Tor is accessible only by other users and not by the ROOT user)

3) Tor Browser for Android

You can install the Tor Browser to access the Tor network directly from the Google play store. The app is known as “Orbot”

Advantages and Disadvantage of  Tor Network
Below we’ve got listed some Advantages and Disadvantages of using the Tor Network, So chooses wisely, whether you want to use it or not.

Advantages of Tor Network

  • You can access the deep dark internet websites and blocked websites.
  • You can hide your original Internet Protocol (IP) address.
  • By using Tor you will able to access non-indexed pages in google, bing, Yandex etc search engines.
  • It hides all the data regarding the source(which is you) and the destination.
  • It also protects the information passed onto the network.

Disadvantages of Tor Network

  • You can’t upload or download large files.
  • A very slow network as it is used by many users.
  • Tor is also used for lots of illegal activities so use it carefully.

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