An Extranet is a manager private network that uses the technology of cyberspace for the transfer of an organization’s internal information between the company, vendors, suppliers, customers and other businesses. It is also similar to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) which provides blowup (access) to required services for authorized groups, without granting access to a company’s whole network. To know more about What is Extranet and its Advantages and Disadvantages, keep reading this article till the end.

The extranet is also worn in the sense of two companies splitting their interior networks (VPN). An Extranet can also be observed as a part of an organization’s intranet that is held out to users outside the company (vendors, suppliers). It has also described as a “state of mind” in which the internet is recognized to do the selling of its products to the buyers or to do business with all the other organizations. Finally, Extranet needs safety, security, and privacy to run securely for an organization.


  • The extranet is used for sharing a huge amount of data of the organization by using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).
  • It is used to share product information with all the customers, vendors, suppliers of the company.
  • It is also used by the company to share all the news with its partners of the company.
  • It also jointly use and develop programs for training with other organizations.
  • It is also used to share the company’s data in a secure location.
  • It is also used to tracking all the project’s details.

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  • Share or transfer huge amounts of data easily by using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).
  • Store the company’s data in a secure location.
  • Jointly use and develop Training programs with other companies.
  • Provide or access to the information shared by a company to all other companies.
  • Easily tracking and follow all the project’s information.
  • Any company easily share all the latest news with other companies.


  • The extranet is costly and expensive to implement and maintain for any organization.
  • Its security and safety can be trouble when hosting important or branded product’s information.
  • It is also complicated to implement or use for an organization at the time of commencement of business.
  • Also, Companies have to careful when transferring information to avoid controlled given in the wrong hands.
  • It also decreases face-to-face meetings (personal contact) with clients, customers, vendors, suppliers, business partners, etc.
  • It also affects the goodwill or image of a company in society because this could cause a lack of connection made between the company and customers.

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