All the networks are connected by routers in packet-switched, mesh topology network. These connecting routers should maintain all the different routes to all the parts of the network. If we want to find the best route to a particular position or a destination, then we can make use of the routing table. with the help of the routing table, we can find the best routing path to transfer the packets across the network. These routing tables are held by the routers. To know more about What is Convergence of Routing Tables, keep reading this article till the end.

This routing table has been created by using routing information and by obtaining the neighbor from the other routers. This process of creating a routing table is dynamic. If there any updation happens in the network, these changes must be reflected in the routing table and is done manually. Changes include any addition of routers, removal of routes, failure of routers, etc.

The above-mentioned updation to the routing table is another part of the convergence. If any change has happened to a network including link fails, link updation, link removal, etc, then an update message is sent to the network that indicates that a change occurred in the network topology. This message as been sent by the router indicating the changes occurred there. This is passed across the network. When this message is received by the routers, it should recompute the routes and create a new routing table. This is done with the help of a routing algorithm that is running inside the router. The convergence will be completed if all the routers in a network update their routing table.

After all these process have completed, that means after recalculating, all the routing table gets a same or similar type of network topology. This common type of network topology can be called as the converged network topology. By this type of view, we can understand that which of the links are down, which of them are up, which of the links are te fastest in their running, etc.

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We can say that the convergence is a dynamic routing other than static routing. We have to route an operator program into a router in the case of static routing. Because of static routing, it is useful for a smaller network, and therefore, the convergence will be applicable to a larger network.

Another important word that we should know is Convergence Time. It is the time taken to reach the convergence state by the set of routers.

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