What is Hub in Computer Network
What is Hub in Computer Network

What is Hub in Computer Network

What is Hub in Computer Network

Hub is a networking device that connects multiple Ethernet devices together and making them act as a single network segment. It works at the physical layer (Layer 1) of the OSI Model. A repeater hub also engages in collision detection, forwarding a jam signal to all ports when it detects the collision. I am going to explain What is Hub in Computer Network and how does it works so keep reading this article till the end.

What is Network Hub and its Types in Networking

Some hubs also called as Repeater hub, Ethernet hub, active hub,

and the network hub all these are categorized according to their working, specification and features.

Hub Operate at half-duplex mode as it cannot send and receive the data simultaneously, It can only send or receive the data at a time both things are not allowed in the hub but in the case of a switch, It allows to send and receive the data simultaneously.

Hub has a separate collision domain, so the collision chances and loss of data increase that’s why Hub is obsoleted from the market.

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How to Construction of Hub

Physically Hub is a small box that is in the rectangular shape having multiple ports for connecting various devices to it. It receives its power supply from the auxiliary power sources and receives incoming data signals, amplifies them in the form of an electrical signal and then sends it to each connected device.

The minimum ports in Hub may contain 4 and maximum up to the 24 ports for connecting the different devices or nodes in the network.

Types of Hub in Networking

On the basis of the working principle of Hub, Hub can be divided into three types which are given below:

  • Active Hub
  • Passive Hub
  • Intelligent Hub

Active Hub

As its name active, It suggests that an active hub can receive the signals from the other device and amplify it and regenerate that incoming signals forward it to the multiple devices which are connected to that Hub. This is also known as the multiport repeater. It upgrades the properties of the incoming signal before sending to the destination.

The Hub actually goes through the data before they are transmitted. In cases wherever needed, an active Hub repairs the data and rescheduled the forwarding table accordingly.

Passive Hub

Passive Hub works as a simple bridge, it simply distributes the signal to the multiple devices which are coming from the other devices or ports. It does not amplify or regenerate the signals. It just simply forward the signals.

Passive neither helps in the troubleshooting operations which have become an integral part of the networking operations in upcoming times.

From the cost perspective, most of the passive Hubs are easily obtainable at a lesser cost.

When passive hub upgraded from 10BASE2 then the performance of the passive hub becomes a little more impressive and can match with best.

Intelligent Hub

Intelligent Hub has the ability to perform tasks of both Active Hub and the Passive Hub and also it can perform the task like Routing and Bridging.

This helps the administrator to monitor the network traffic and also allows to configure each port individually that’s why this type of hub is also known as the manageable hub.

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