What is Repeater in Networking

What is Repeater in Networking

A Repeater is a network device that regenerates the incoming signal gives strengthens to transmit it to the next devices which are connected without losing any actual data or the information. To know more about What is Repeater in Networking keep reading this article till the end.

It is used in the transmission system to regenerate the analog or the digital signals distorted by transmission loss. An important point needs to be noted that repeater does not amplify the signals it only regenerates the signals to transmit at the longer distance. When the signals become weak, they copy the signals which are in the bit form and regenerate it at the original strength.

It is a two-port device and it operates at the physical layer of the OSI Model.

Repeaters were introduced in wired data transmission networks due to the limitation of a signal in propagating over a longer distance and it is a common installation in wireless networks for expanding cell size.

There are several different types of repeaters some of these are:

Telephone Repeater

Telephone repeaters are used to increase the range of telephone signals in telephone lines. Telephone repeater is further categorized into two types-

  • Landline repeater
  • Submarine repeater

Landline Repeater

Landline repeaters are the most frequently used repeaters in trunklines that carry long distance calls. Analog telephones line consists of a pair of wires in which the amplifier circuit uses the power from a Direct Current source to increase the power of the AC (Alternating Current) audio signals on the line.

The telephone repeater was the first type of repeater and was the first application of amplification. Now, most telecommunications cables are fiber optics cable that uses the optical repeater.

Submarine Repeater

Submarine repeaters are used in the underwater. This submarine repeater helps in regenerating the signals even on the underwater and made the communication possible everywhere.

Optical communications repeater

Optical Communication repeaters are used to increase the range of signals in a fiber optics cable. In this repeater, Digital signals travel through a fiber optics cable in the form of a short pulse of light. The light consists of particles called photons, which can be absorbed or scattered in the fiber.

However, optical amplifiers are developed for repeaters to amplify the light itself without the need of converting it to an electric signal first.

Radio repeater

A radio repeater is used to extend the range of coverage of radio signals. The radio repeater typically consists of a radio receiver that is connected to a radio transmitter. The received signals are amplified and retransmitted often at the other frequency to give the coverage beyond the obstruction.

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Benefits or Advantages of Repeater

  • A repeater is simple to connect
  • It is cost-effective
  • It has the ability to boost or strengthens the signal to retransmit.
  • Repeater can extend the transmission distance.
  • A repeater does not badly effects on the network performance
  • Some repeaters can connect networks using various physical media.

Drawback or Disadvantages of Repeater

  • Repeaters are unable to reduce network traffic.
  • It cannot connect different network architectures.
  • Limitation in the number of repeaters.
  • It does not segment the network.
  • Most of the repeaters on a network produce noise on the wire and increase the possibility of packet collisions.
  • Repeater does not separate the device in the collision domain.

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