The internet is connected to many organizations, but the network infrastructure is more difficult and many risks. Network protection is a very important factor in network communication.  The Cisco NFP is the short form of  Cisco network foundation protection, It is the technology and set of tools that are used to protect a different type of network traffic.

NFP is infrastructure protection. all its components, and commonly used countermeasures as found in the Cisco IOS devices. The NFP is protecting the critical network infrastructure and maintains service delivery ( device-level protection )  and it provides defense in depth

CISCO has been defined as a different plane of communication.  they are

  • Management Plane
  • Control Plane
  • Data Plane

Management Plane

The management plane is a type of Network foundation protection and is used to configures, monitors, and provides management, monitoring, and configuration services to, all layers of the network stack and other parts of the system.

The management plane usually consists of the protocol like telnet ( Telecommunication network ) SSH ( secure shell ) or SNMP ( simple network management protocol). The management plane provides the ability to manage network infrastructure devices.

The SSH and telnet are generated by a network administrator and is used to access a Cisco IOS  device remotely. If the failure occurs in this plane, the remotely manage a network might be lost

Control Plane

The control plane is the part of NFP planes and it is well protected to ensure that business continuity and prevent external attacks from network infrastructure devices. The control plane makes the decisions about the traffic is sent. This plane have included the system configuration, management, and exchange the routing table information

The control plane packets are not performed by an individual packet, routing protocol such as RIP, OSPF, BGP and ARP (address resolution protocol ) is the example of control plane

Data Plane

The data plane another type of plane in network foundation protection. It carries user traffic. The Data plane refers to all the functions and processes that forward packets/frames from one interface to another and it is also known as Forwarding plane  The data plane defines It is the part of the Router and it decides what to do with packets arriving on an inbound interface.

The management, control, and data plane protect the business continuity. The Cisco Network foundation protection is secure the management, Control, and Data plane

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