Organizational Policies, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines
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Organizational Policies, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines

Organizational Policies and procedures to provide a road map of day to day operations. The organization’s policy and procedures help to understand the organization’s views and the values of specific issues.

The importance of policies and procedures, it allows management guide operations without constant management intervention.

The organization’s policies aim to help businesses in many ways.  The Policy demonstrates that the business organization is being operated in a good and efficient manner it raises stability and ensures consistency in the decision-making and operational procedures.

The organization Policies and procedures are general statements and it is helpful to exactly how to do a task step by step.

some policies have multiple guidelines, which are recommendations as to how the policy can be implemented

Organizational Policies

A policy is a statement and is implemented procedure or protocol. The policy is generally adopted by an organization The policy is established boundaries, guidelines and best practice for acceptable behavior in the organization business the policy cycle is used to analyze and develop a policy item evaluation, implementation, decision-making, are the different steps of the policy cycle

For example, multinational companies will be used for identifying an employee using an identity card and biometric fingerprint scan.

Organizational Procedure

Procedures are step by step guidelines to complete the task following steps are the important procedures in the organization

1) if anyone trying to enter the organization, the security guard will check and collect all details and the employees must have the identity card and show their identity card to the security guard for verification.

2) The employs must  have an identity card shower their identity to the security guard for verification

3)Employees inside the company must use the Punching Machine and the Identity Card

4)The security card must be verified by the employee’s identity card photo and ID number of the employee entering the company.

5) Any person who tries to defraud the security guard and come inside the company should immediately report it to the police or the top officials of the company.

Organizational Standards and Guidelines

The standards are mandatory actions or sets of rules that give formal policies support and direction. And it is specified the technologies must be used for a specific task.

Guidelines for each activity have been prepared, Therefore, there is no need to write guidelines for any new activity but guidelines are only suggestions and are not mandatory.

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