In this article, I am going to tell you about Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan Steps so, keep reading this article till the end. Fire, flood, and other natural disasters could result in a loss of business growth or a complete shutdown of the business. Precise measures should be taken to prevent disasters and minimize their impact. A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), (also known as Business Continuity Plan (BCP)) Able to understand the impending disaster and take appropriate action.

Disasters can never be eliminated but the damage caused by disasters can be prevented to some extent if the proper steps are taken.

We understand the depth and intensity of a disaster through the damage caused by that disaster. Computer disasters occur in many other ways, For example, company damage could be caused by employee negligence or other virus programs. Such damages can also adversely affect a company’s growth.

It is imperative to understand and take precautions against such damages in companies The Recovery / Business Continuity Program requires the safety of employees and other human beings, Therefore, this plan should include all the possible ways of preventing a disaster and procedures to be adopted after the disaster.

A security engineer must ensure that all of the following are implemented within a company.

Contact information

Everyone should have phone numbers to contact the fire force, police; in the event of a disaster, it is imperative to inform them before taking any action on their own.  It is a difficult task for everyone to remember numbers therefore, 24-hour service numbers are pasted on the walls

Defense zones such as  Fireforce and  Police can effectively deal with disasters

Multiple network connectivity

In the event of a major disaster, sometimes internet services are in trouble if this type of Internet service ceases, multiple Internet services should be made available for immediate backup

Availability of data

Online offline cloud services for the backup need to be ensured that they are working properly moreover, it is imperative to carry multiple backups of a single data. Large servers such as Face book and YouTube take away multiple backups

Impact Analysis

Impact analysis is a Proper analysis to determine a disaster impact on business. This Analysis must include assets lost analysis and the cost to replace lost assets.

Disaster Recovery Drills

It is advisable to organize a disaster prevention campaign camp at companies Employees need to know what to do in the event of a disaster

An accurate understanding of disaster prevention can reduce the impact of a disaster.

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