Types of Security Testing
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Types of Security Testing- Full Explained

Security Testing is a type of software testing that checks all possible loopholes and weaknesses of the system which might result in a loss of information repute at the hands of the employees or outside of the organization the different types of security testing it make sure that everything is perfect.

There are many types of security testing they are explained follows:

  1. Vulnerability scanning

  2. Network scanning

  3. Penetration testing

  4. Ethical hacking

  5. Password crack

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning is a type of security checking and is used to identify the security weakness of the computer system. Vulnerability scanning is used by individuals or networks or computer administrators for security purposes.  The vulnerability scanners are very expansive and it is only used for enterprise-level products to free open-source tools.

Vulnerability scanning is the first inspection of the computer and network holes. vulnerability scans are used by attackers looking for points of entry.  port scanner, Network enumerator, Network vulnerability scanner, and web application security scanner are the type of vulnerability scanners

Network Scanning

The network scanning is used to monitoring and management systems, network scanning is used to identify the current network users and find the status of the system The most network scanning is used to monitoring and management. the scanning can be used by identity network elements or users for attacks

UDP scanning is most common to detect the DHCP, DNS and SNMP   services.namp is the main tool is used to network scanning

Penetration Testing

The Penetration testing is also known as  pen testing, This type of testing  is used in the computer system, network or web application and  find the security vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit

The penetration is used to testing security weaknesses. Penetration testing is used to test the organization’s security policy

Ethical Hacking

The Ethical hacking is used to hacking is performed by a company the company will identify the potential threats on a computer network. The ethical hacker will attempt to bypass system security and search for weak points ina computer network that finds the weak point and organization to improve the security methods, minimize or eliminate any potential attacks.

Password Cracking

The password cracking is a type of  testing method and it has using programs designed to test whether attackers can decrypt passwords or disable password protection

The brute-force, dictionary attacks are used to y every possible combination of letters, numbers, and special characters to crack the password.

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