Internet, firstly we can talk about what is Internet? well, It is a Global Network mostly used in computers, mobile phones, tabs, and laptops, etc to get information, news and for the purpose of communication. To know more about What is Internet Uses, Advantages and Disadvantages, keep reading this article till the end.

Internet is basically a huge network related to the government, society, business, academic and even smallest domestic networks. These networks allow the internet to do many jobs like communication, transferring the data, online chatting, providing information about anything in the world.

All of us think that the internet and www (world wide web) both are the same thing but both the words or terms are different in their meaning. Internet is the network of many non-identical computers which are connected through hardwire, fiber cables, or latest wireless connections, while world wide web is the interlaced collection of all the document and information which is generally a source used by the general public for many purposes. The worldwide web is the only service provided by the internet in the huge and whole networks.

Nowadays, the Internet becomes very useful and important for all the sectors of society. It is used in banks, schools, hospitals, mostly in companies and in-home for the personal use of the public. The Internet has revolved our surrounding upside down. We can use the internet in almost everything like ordering a pizza, communicating and sharing memories with friends, buying television and sending a picture over instant messaging.

With the help of the internet, a single click is sufficient to read a local newspaper or to know about anything happening in the universe. The growth of the internet has ignited a debate about how accessible communication affects social relationships. The internet is the tool for the modern world to interact with one another and accordingly posses’ new challenges to privacy and security.

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For a new generation, the Internet is as important as oxygen for survival. It is very hard to live without the internet for many peoples. Its all about online reputation, online marketing, online business, online interaction and mostly for net banking (for which India’s Prime Minister “Mr. Narendra Modi” introduced digital India). It has provided directions and maps in a few seconds. It helps us to find a restaurant, a hotel and also a place for which we looking for.

Important Points

  1. For Organizations
  • Communicating with other organizations, with their members, with their customers, etc.
  • For the growth and development of the business programs.
  • For publishing many important messages to the world like product details, company’s progress, employees of the company, etc.
  • Online recruitment of employees, selection, training programs all this done easily through video conferencing.
  1. For General Public
  • Communicate to anyone even he/she is nearby you or far away from you.
  • Sharing important information and data easily, securely and safely.
  • Finding the best way or opportunities to do a task effectively or efficiently.
  • Reach anything we want and know about anything easily.
  1. In Hospitals
  • To save all types of details (patient’s record, medicines record, doctor’s record, etc) directly on google drive.
  • To operate all types of heavy machines.
  • To provide all the better facilities to the patients like online billing.
  • To provide comfort to their staff by giving salaries on time.
  1. In banks
  • The most important use is to provide net banking to the accountholders.
  • To provide the facility of online account registration for the general public.
  • To save all the data of the account safely with security on the internet.
  • To follow all the policies and rules made by RBI from time to time.

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