What is Personal Area Network, Working, Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Personal Area Network, Working, Advantages and Disadvantages

Personal Area Network is basically concerned with the individual’s working network used to interconnecting gadgets like computers, mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc. For the transmission of data or information, PAN can be used for personal use only to communicate or to connect to the higher-level network also and networking on Internet where the one server or main device connecting all the other devices like a gateway. PAN may be both wired or wireless.

A WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Network) is carried for the short-distance low powered wireless network technology such as Bluetooth, wireless USB or ZigBee. The reach distance of a WPAN may vary from a few centimetres to a few metres. In wireless PAN, there is not any type of cable connection everything works wirelessly.

Now, we can talk about Bluetooth. So, Bluetooth is used in WLAN worked on short-range waves. Some Bluetooth devices are headphones, speakers, mouse, keyboards, printers etc. It is also called Piconet in which the first device is the master and all others are known as slaves.

The range and many devices expanded by using the technique of mesh network to connect one device to another with Bluetooth mesh networking. This type of devices does not require master slaves and may not have WLAN. Firstly, PAN was introduced by Thomas Zimmerman, a research scientist.

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Working of PAN:

Personal Area Network normally covers an area of 30 feet to connect devices. PC devices may be laptops, palmtops, netbooks and also a mobile phone. These devices of personal help a person to communicate, to write messages, and to browse while travelling. It uses both technologies wired or wireless. PAN uses three technologies WPAN, Bluetooth and also Infrared technology to transfer or transmit its wireless signals. In this area, rapid and fast development is needed for developing a perfectly consistent network between personal devices and office.

 Advantages of PAN:

  1. Cost-Effective

PAN is considered a cost-effective network technology as there is not any type of wire or cable. No extra data charges are applicable to browse the internet. It is cheaper than any other network technology.

  1. Secure

This network is also more secure than any other network. It is very secured because every devices or signals are authorised before sharing that data or file. In this, it is impossible to hacking devices or any third-party interference.

  1. Many devices are connected at a single point of time

Many devices are interconnected with each other at the same time in PAN. You can connect a mobile phone with more than one device like any other mobile, keyboard, printer etc. That’s why your data or file is shared to many at the same time.

  1. Reliable

This type of network is more reliable or stable if it is used within 10 metres of range by you.

Disadvantages of PAN:

  1. Health Problems

PAN release harmful rays or signals in many cases from its wireless devices. These signals can harm birds, animals and humans too. As a result, it can cause many health diseases or brain problems.

  1. Travelling of Infrared signals in a single line only

This is one more disadvantage of PAN that it can work in a straight line. For example, TV remote works when it is faced straight towards television otherwise it could not work properly.

  1. Slow Data Transfer

This type of network technology had a slow speed of transferring data from one device to another. Bluetooth share file in slow speed as compared to any other network like LAN.

  1. Less Distance Range

One more disadvantage rises up for PAN and its really matter that PAN has only 10 metres of range to transfer data. It makes a limitation for long-distance data sharing.

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