Simplex Half Duplex and Full Duplex Mode of Transmission

Simplex Half Duplex and Full Duplex Mode of Transmission

Simplex, Half Duplex, and Full Duplex are the mode of transmission in which the data send and receive. In this communication, there is one sender and one receiver to communicate or you can say there is one source and destination to send and receive the data.

This mode of transmission needs a medium to make communication possible however it can be physical medium or wireless. Nowadays wireless communication is taking all the places to transfer the data mostly in IoT (Internet of Things). To know more about the “Simplex Half Duplex and Full-Duplex Mode of transmission” Keep reading this article till the end.

There are three types of Mode of Communication. These are:

  • Simplex
  • Half Duplex
  • Full Duplex


Simplex is the mode of transmission in which data can send but can not receive. In this mode of transmission, a sender can send the data or the information but it can not receive at that time. It is a unidirectional mode of transmission.

For Example- Televisions, Radios, Etc,

In the Television we watch the video whatever they showing on their channel but we can’t communicate with them. We can not say hi hello to anyone on the television if you will say anything to them then they will not respond, it is just like a preloaded video are streaming on the channel. It is the same in the case of radio there is one-way communication, whatever they will say you can listen only but you can’t reply to them.

Half Duplex

Half Duplex mode of transmission data or information can not be sent and receive simultaneously means you can only send but you will not able to receive the data at the same time. Let’s explain it more efficiently. If someone saying something you need to wait until he or she does not finish their word after finishing you will able to talk to them.

For Example- Walkie-Talkie

In the Walkie-Talkie you will only able to say something or listen at a time you will not able to listen to you are saying something. Let’s suppose you saying “ Let’s do something new today” to your friend then that time you can’t say you anything you have to give to a chance to say something about it then that is possible because of you and your friend only able to say or listen at a time.

Full Duplex

Full Duplex is the mode of transmission in which you will able to send and receive data or information simultaneously means if you are sending something to your friend then you can also able to receive it at that time.

For Example- Telephone, Smartphones, WhatsApp, Facebook Etc.

You are very familiar with the telephone or the smartphones that you able to talk very efficiently over the phone calls you can listen to the voice and can give a reply of that at the same time this is possible only in the case of Full Duplex mode of Transmission.

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