How Should You Prepare the OS Section For GATE CS Exam

How Should You Prepare the OS Section For GATE CS Exam?

Students want to know about the significant topics for GATE CS. Here, we are going to put more light on the Operating System in a detailed manner. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it’s a must-read if you are going to attend the GATE CS exam. If you want to know more about how to prepare for the OS Section for gate CS Exam keep reading this article till the end.

The fact cannot be ignored that the GATE Syllabus for CSE is huge and you need to prepare a sophisticated work strategy to find the best and outstanding results.  When it comes to covering important topics, the importance of the Operating System section cannot be ignored. 

Operating Systems is regarded as one of the most scoring subjects in the CS GATE syllabus indeed. If you want to score higher in your exam, you must go with it indeed. There are several formulas added in most of the subjects, which could help you to get good at solving 1 mark questions. Then the 2 marks questions are also there. You need to have a bit-in-depth knowledge and it could be better if you through each of the topics understanding its basics and concepts.

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Have you been wondering about the important list of topics? You have landed at the right place. The best thing is that you should go with the important topics right from the highest priority to the lowest following analysis.

  • CPU scheduling will become your favorite one if you accurately understand this. The numerical are regarded quite significantly. Solving only one question following each type for the previous year’s questions can truly help you in an ideal manner.  
  • The next on the list is Memory management and virtual memory. Here, it needs to mention that numerical paging is regarded as quite important. And you need to have an ideal and outstanding understanding to solve 2 marks questions indeed. 
  • Concurrency and Synchronization and Deadlock: 

And this section is also known as being quite easier. They can only be solved if you have a profound understanding of different types of concurrency and synchronization mechanisms including in the GATE syllabus. The best way to study this topic is related to standard algorithms as well as the mechanism added in the book: operating system principles seventh Edition written by the intellectual named Galvin. You must understand it, giving enough time to understand it profoundly. To study it in a better way, it would be right to refer to the standard algorithms as well as the mechanism added in the books written by Galvin. You need to understand the entire equation deeply. Do not forget to mark the question related to the algorithm since it can be solved quite easily if one needs to practice important questions related to this algorithm. 

  • P.T.I.C Section : Why It Needs To Prepare – 

It would be helpful if you add in your timetable to start solving the previous year’s questions. Experts also think it the best thing to do. The best thing is that you would be having enough knowledge regarding this. You will get showered with a lot of confidence. Once your concepts are clear, you will truly be having the best experience.  

  • File Systems: 

Yes, it is indeed true that it is quite an easy topic compared with other ones. The ideal way is to go with the previous year’s questions paper so that you could understand its basics in a better way. Disk scheduling related algorithms are known to be the best and easy as well as a quiet scoring section. Even if you go ahead in the context of solving the previous questions paper, it would be sufficient indeed. Here, you need to answer straightforward questions and you are good to go. Therefore, it is said that you need to practice as much as you can do. 

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If you are having the aim to get enrolled into the top IITs, then you need to work quite hard. You must not leave any of the important topics related to many subjects. You need to be aware of everything in a detailed manner. These questions are given equal importance. No one is aware of the questions; they would be having in the actual GATE exam. The best thing is that you can do practice only. Doing practice can make you more and more confident in the context of the subject topic by topic. 

Final Thought – 

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go ahead with the best option so that you could have the best experience indeed. 

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