Perhaps the most sophisticated form of communication in today’s world is the e-mail which also seems to a legitimate successor to the letters. Based on the same format and writing style, email is not more than an electronic form. For all the things the letter was used not more than 10 years ago, the email is being used. From lodging formal complaints to requesting goods and services, everything has today gone digital.

As we all know, going digital also means entering into a platform where some people are ready to target you to breach your private space and use your personal information for their momentary gains. There was a possibility in the past that people handling and delivering your letters can take a peek into them and possibly tamper them. The possibilities in the digital letters are even greater and that is why email security is important.

Email security really is a shared responsibility between the end users and the service providers. They are joint efforts of the mentioned two parties who have a similar goal in mind; to save their internal or personal information from cybercriminals. The only thing these hackers do is misuse the information for their own profit without any regard for the wellbeing of yours.

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There are many email service providers and while it can also be provided to you by the organization or company you work for, there are some of the security measures that all of them need to take to ensure their services are free of intruders and no one’s private and sensitive information has been compromised.

An ideal email service provider should be taking the following measures to provide you a secure service-

End to end encryption is the process of encrypting the data and putting a key into the end-users hand so their data cannot be seen or handled without their permission. Almost all major communication service providers provide end to end encryption.

Two factors or multi factor authentication is the security measure that is most prevalent in recent times. Services providers require at least two verification proofs before they let you inside. That can be a one-time password or a backup email.

Open source software is a great way for the service providers to show transparency in the services they provide. It is given to the general public as a right to know how the organizations who are handling your personal data are handing it.

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