What is Local Area Network (LAN), Advantages and Disadvantages

As we talk about Local Area Network (LAN), this is not a new type of network. A network of computers is a set of computers together connected allowing users to transfer or share all the resources and communicate with each other. Resources can be data, files, hardware or software. Without a connection of network, each employer or worker might need a system printer connected to a workstation or single and unique copy of the software of application.

LANs generally used for connecting systems in a small area locality. Most commonly used in schools, banks, hospitals, etc. The technology of LANs was introduced in the late 1970s. In 1982, many commercial computer industries may be declared that the coming years are said to be “Years of the LANs”. Basically, each and every vendor has its own protocol, cabling, and network operating system.

As a result, the appearance of Novell Netware which furnished even handled support for a large number of competing cards and cables. Netware influenced the LAN business of personal computers from early after its foundation in 1983 until the mid of the 1990s when windows are influenced by Microsoft.

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From the challengers of Netware, only Banyan Vines had the corresponding technical strengths. These made the base of cooperation of Microsoft and 3 com for the creation of a normal network OS LAN manager, IBM’s local area network server.

The TCP/IP LANs, fortunately, supported Telnet, an application of the Defense Department and FTP. This indicated the practicability of working TCP/IP LANs to interconnect World Wide Military Command and Controlled Systems (WWMCCS) at centers of command all through the states of the United Nation. Moreover, WWMCCS was replaced by Global Command and Controlled System (GCCS).

Cables in LAN

4 twisted pair un-shield cable, commonly an Ethernet cables, type of cables are most frequently used to connecting a LAN system. Twisted cables are made for networking LAN are rated for the speed over the long-distance area. Cat 3 cables are used for LAN Ethernet and given 10 Mbps and also not very reliable even at this speed. Cat 4 cable mostly used for 100 Mbps LAN Ethernet but it is not much reliable for the connection.

This is commonly used in homes, offices, schools for telephone lines over a distance where creating the problem in cross-talk between the Cat 3 twisted pairs.

Advantages of LAN

Data Security – Data security is easy in LAN because all the computers are connected to the server system and all the data is stored at one place in the server so easy to maintain secured too.

Software Applications Sharing – As we know all computers are connected to the server so it can also share application licensing software with them. It is not required to licensing each computer individually. All worked on only one licensed system.

Internet Sharing – LANs also provided an advantage of cheaper cost on internet connection. As the single interconnection is required for the server system and all the other computers are worked with that connection.

Easy and Cheap Communication – All the data and files are shared easily in LAN because all the data has stored in a server so it is shared easily, fast and secured. Hence, also save a lot of time and money.

Disadvantages of LAN

Covers Limited Area – LAN is only worked in a small working area locality like in offices, schools, banks, etc. So, it covers a small and limited area for the connection.

High Setup Cost – LAN required many hardware machines and equipment for the first time setup. So, it requires a high cost for the first setup.

Privacy Violation – As a server computer-stored all the data of connected computer systems. So, it violated privacy by checking the browsing history and downloads of all the computers.

Jobs for LAN maintenance – LAN required an employee for maintenance for full time because if there is a hardware problem or system failure in the server then any computer does not work properly. Also, a LAN administrator may be a degree holder person like BSCS or MCS with a diploma in networking.

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