In computer networking, the Server is defined as the database or storage which helps many other computer devices to store their data or information in large quantities. Basically, Server is a device that provides the requirement for functioning to clients which are many other computer devices. All this above-mentioned structure is known as the Client-server model. Many multiple or processes are linked to a single computation device. These services include data sharing or file transfer between clients and servers.

It is depended on technology that a single client uses many servers or multiple clients are attached to a single server. For example, a server may include mail server, game server, proxy server, web server, etc.

The request-response model of the server executes most frequently client-server systems.  In this type of model, as a result, the client receives a response back from the server. The server performs some actions to respond back to them. A computer server is specialized to run like a server when server-class hardware is designated.

As a result, it is more reliable and powerful than normal computer hardware. The composition of many comparatively replaceable, simple server components makes a large computing collection.

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Types of Server

  1. Game Server

As we can understand by its name what it can perform. So, the Game server allows many devices or computers to play games in multiplayer mode at the same time. This server’s clients are gaming consoles or personal computers for playing games together.

  1. Fax server

One or more than one fax machine or device is connected together for sharing fax same time with the help of this server. Fax machines are the clients of this server.

  1. Application Server

These servers help to install any application in the computer from the web browser on the internet online. This hosts web apps (application programs worked inside a website on the browser). It is not worked world wide web. Web browsers are its clients.

  1. Mail Server

This server helps to send or receive emails in the same way at the same/ single point of time. This worked like a post office which makes communication of snail mail possible. Clients of this server are receivers or senders of the email.

  1. Print Server

This server allows more than one printer to interconnected over a network. This will help to reduce the hassle of the physical network. Print server’s clients are in the requirement of print anything.

  1. Proxy Server

The proxy server creates a link between client and server. It acts as an intermediator that can send traffic from the client to a single server. It will help us to improve traffic control, prevent unauthorized network access or filtering contents. Networked computers are their clients.

  1. Web Server

All the web pages on the world wide web are controlled or managed by a web server. Each website of WWW has one or more web servers. Their clients are web browsers.

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