Everyone knows what wireless network means and in today’s Wireless Network Connection technology, it is the new thing. More and more products are saying goodbye to the wires in order to save the users from the hassle that is associated with the wired products. A simple wired earphone can cause you frustration when they get tangled. So you can imagine how much of a headache it becomes when wires are used on a larger scale such as for computer networks. Plus, they are very expensive. To know more about Wireless Network Connection, keep reading this article till the end.

So to save the effort and money of the people worldwide, the University of Hawaii in 1969 came up with an excellent idea to remove wires from the computer networks altogether. It was called the ALOHAnet and NCR Corporation of America adopted the idea and developed it themselves in 1986.

It came to be known as WaveLAN. Instead of using a wire to establish a connection, Wireless Network Connection technologies are developed to use Radio Waves to connect a device to networks, applications, and internet. The most famous and widely used mode of the wireless network is the Wi-Fi. From middle classes to the rich, Wi-Fi is a part of the daily life of millions of peoples.

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Here are some of the types and examples of Wireless Network Connection:

Wireless Local Area Network is one of the most secure services that the internet technology has to offer where more than one device is connected and the connection is provided through access points.

Wireless MAN or the Wireless Metropolitan Area Network. As you can guess from the name itself that it is developed for metropolitan areas. It is also understandable that the metropolitan area is the places where high functionality and features are needed. The one distinct feature it has is that of connecting several Local Area Networks on a single communication channel.

Wireless Personal Area Network (WPANs) is the smallest wireless connection carrier that connects your Bluetooth earphones and headphones to your personal computer or mobile devices.

Perhaps the only kind of network that surpasses the usage of Wi-Fi is the Cellular or Mobile Network. It connects several devices to each other in a wide area. It is the technology used when we use mobile phones to connect with people. Each device in this network is served by a base station also known as the transceiver.

There is one type among the Wireless Network Connection that work on a Mess Topology in which one node serves the other and together they divide the labor and responsibilities.

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