You might be wondering At What Layer Of The Osi Model Do The Ip Icmp, And Arp Protocols Operate? well.

The OSI model is a conceptual model for the standardization of network communication. The OSI model consists of 7 different layers. The layers are linked to the above and below of their layers. As the data transmits in the OSI model the layer adds the information until it reaches the last layer. Once the data is received by the other side of the network, the process is simply get reversed. Now let us know how each layer of an OSI model works for the transmission of the data?

The network layers use the Internet protocol, address resolution protocol, and Internet control message control protocol. The network layer routes the data to the different paths of the network. Different protocols are used for different communication in the network. The gathering of all these protocols can call as the Internet protocol. The Internet layer directly maps to the network layer and the last two layers of the OSI model.


The ICMP stands for the internet control message protocol. It is present in the network layer of the OSI model. Typically, we do not have any errors present in the IPV4 protocol. The basic primary function of the ICMP is to report the errors in the data. Another function is network diagnostics. The commonly used network diagnostics are traceroute and ping. The ping test the speed of the connection between the two devices. The ICMP messages are again divided into two categories :

  1. Error reporting
  2. Query messages

The Error reporting messages report problems, when the user encounters a problem in the transmission of the data.

The Query messages will guide the host or any router to get information about a particular host in the network.

ARP (Address resolution protocol)

ARP stands for the address resolution protocol that is included in the network layer of the OSI Model. The main aim of the address resolution protocol is to map an IP address with the physical MAC address of a network. It is a program used by a host computer to search for other host computers. The local communicating devices use the MAC address to the device. Each device consists of a unique MAC address to the device.

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