In order to configure the Router or Switches, we need to login to the corresponding device. There are various methods of logging into the device depending on various scenarios. Here we would briefly discuss these scenarios and provide a way to access them in case you don’t have a console port on your computer using USB to Serial Cable. To know more about Connect to Cisco Switch/Router Using USB Console Cable, keep reading this article till the end.

We would categorize the methods of Connecting to the Router/ Switches broadly in three categories.

  • Wireline/ Wireless Network-Based Access

If you have Network Connectivity to the Router/Switch, it becomes easy to manage your Network Devices as there are various methods such as SSH, TELNET, Web-Based methods to access and Configure devices Remotely.

Telnet and SSH are used mainly within the LAN to access and manage Routers/ Switches. You can use any loopback IP Address configured on the Router to Connect using Telnet/ SSH. Telnet is an insecure protocol and has been deprecated by SSH

We Can Manage Routers/ Switches using Web-based Methods as well. Cisco Provides inbuilt Capability and with the little configuration, you may enable it for Web-based Access.

Any VPN client can be used to connect to the Router/ Switch if the VPN has been configured on the device.

  • Connection Using Auxiliary port

Every Cisco Router/ Switch in addition to Console Port has an Auxiliary Port, which can be configured to allow non-Network Remote Access t the Router/ Switch. It is helpful in Connecting to the Router Remotely even when the Router has not been configured.

  • Direct Access using Console Port of Router/Switch

If you have Serial port in your Computer, then You can use a Serial Cable attaches its one end to the Router/Switch and Other ends to the Computer, and you are good to go.

There are situations when you do not have a Serial port, in that case too you can connect to the Router/Switch using a suitable Converter.

In such cases, the best way to go with is by using USB to RS232 Serial DB9 9 Pin Port Converter Cable.

In Marketplace you can easily find such Converters (Amazon Link included). Below are two types of USB to Serial Cable Available Online.

  1. USB To Serial Converter Cable using Intermediate USB -A type Interface

USB to Serial Cable

  1. USB to Serial Cable

USB to Serial Cable

Both of theses are Similar in Operation and you can choose any you have easy access, or if you have to purchase you may prefer USB to Serial Cable.

In order to use these to facilitate access to your Router/Switch follow below Steps.

Step 1. Connect the Serial End of the Cable to the Router/Switch Console Port

All Cisco Networking Devices (Routers/ Switches etc. ) has inbuilt Console Port in order to facilitate the Management of the device locally. You need to Connect  Serial end of the Converter Cable to the Console Port of Router/ Switch as shown in the figure belowUSB to Serial Cable

Step 2: Connect USB end of the Cable to your Computer

Normally all the Computers/ Laptops today have USB Ports, You need to connect the USB end of the Converter Cable to the USB Port of the Laptop, as shown below

Step 3. Install Necessary drivers

Once you have connected the cable as discussed, you may need to install the necessary drivers in order to make use of Converter, These drivers are supplied by the seller usually in the form of a CD. You may also need to check at the product page for Supported Operating System by the Converter, if you don’t find your OS, you may search the appropriate Converter Cable. Normally these are supported by a wide variety of Operating Systems.

Step 4: Use Hyperterminal or Minicom

Once you have Connected the Cable as mentioned and Installed the necessary drivers, you are good to go connecting to your RouterConnect to a Router/ Switch When You do not have Console Port Switch.

You may use your favorite tool for connecting to Router/ Switch. If you are in Windows you may use, Hyperterminal If you are in Linux you can use Minicom or any other tool.

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