Interior Gateway Routing Protocol(IGRP): It is named as an interior gateway protocol and also called as a distance-vector. It is a single routing metric with maximum hop count capacity is can be connected with large networks only. In IGRP 255 is the configurable capacity hop count capacity for the IGRP route packets. Single metric can form with two comparing route metric. The IGRP classful network only used for the routing process, so it is a classful network protocol. The same networks are only used for configuring.

The import  examples are listed:

Intermediate System – Intermediate – System, it is also connected with the computer network can be connected within similar devices.

In the IGRP used main two gateways are Interior Gateway and Exterior Gateway. Autonomous gateways are to be used in interior gateways and the different autonomous system is used in the exterior gateways. Interior Gateways are to be used to search the path information of the autonomous system.

The main two routing protocols are to be in the IGRP is Interior Routing Protocol and Exterior Routing Protocol. The interior routing protocol is used to connect with the single autonomous systems and also it can communicate with the single autonomous system. In IGRP, the 9 the number of protocol is used for the communication between the autonomous system. Routing loops by updating itself and the modification will occur on the network systems.

There are two important types of routing protocols are to be link-state routing protocol and the second type of the interior gateway routing protocol is a distance-vector protocol that is RIPv2.

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IGRP allows the load balancing within the single destination of the network system.IGRP can be connected only with the Local Area Network (LAN) so it is known as it is an autonomous network system.ln IGRP routers can be transferred to the data from the autonomous systems. The routing process of the IGRP will be connected with more routing protocols. The network topology of the IGRP will be very fastly changed. There is no tool is used for the routing problems.

Single set of network is named as Interior Gateway Protocol (IGRP) some times the single set networks are to be connected with external gateway protocols.IGRP is based on the class of algorithms is to shortest-path-first(SPF).if any changes will occur in the protocol it will be suddenly changed in the SPF.ln IGRP is used with packet-based networks. If the network is to be connected with a system it will be sent in the form of packets. Sending packets from source to the destination gateways so it is very far it will first connected with the neighbor devices.

Steps to configure the Routing Information Protocol

  • First, enable the Router1 and Router2
  • Firstly enable the Route1 and the commands are listed below.

Enable Route1

Enable Route1

  • Then enable Route2 and the commands are listed below.

Enable Route2

Enable Route2

  • The configuration of the two routes is successfully configured, then view the routing tables of R1 and R2 are given below.
  • The command is used to view a routing table is to “show ip route”

 Interior Gateway Routing Protocol View Routing Table Route1

View Routing Table Route1

Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

View Routing Table Route2

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