We can think about a Cisco Router as a unique reason PC. It has its very own working framework, which is known as the Internetwork Operating System (IOS), just as records and filesystems. So we’ll begin with talk of the fundamental framework organization works that a Router designer must perform. This incorporates dealing with your Router Configuration Files systems, redesigning the working framework, doing reinforcements, and reestablishing the framework setup.

Cisco Router configuration files hold the commands to configure the router. There are two main copies of Cisco Router configuration file

  • Running-config
  • Startup-config

Running config

The design record where Router stores the setup changes, when the Router is fully operational, is known as the “running-config” document. The running setup record stores the arrangement changes made while the Router is fully operational. The “running-config” document is put away in RAM. The “running-config” document isn’t relentless, which implies that the progressions made in the “running-config” while the Router is pursuing are not held a reboot. You can back up, or spare, “running-config” record to either NVRAM or a TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) server.

Router Running configuration

The following command shows the current running configuration

Snabay-network# show running-config

Building configuration…

Current configuration: 1072 bytes


! Last configuration change at 13:19:49 UTC Tue Jul 21, 2019

version 15.1


hostname Snabay-network


interface FastEthernet0/0

IP address

duplex auto

speed auto


interface FastEthernet0/1

IP address

duplex auto

speed auto

Snabay-network# copy running-config startup-config

The above command is used to save the running configuration into NVRAM (Non-volatile random access memory)


The startup-config is the design that is stacked when the Router boots or powers up. startup design is put away in the nonvolatile memory of a gadget, which implies that all setup changes are spared regardless of whether the gadget loses control. To duplicate your running arrangement into the startup setup you have to type the order copy startup-config running-config.

Router start-up Configuration

Snabay network # show startup-config

This will show the startup-configuration of the router

To show the present running arrangement, enter the show running-config direction. Enter the duplicate running-config startup-config order to spare the present running design to the startup setup document in NVRAM. To show the startup arrangement, enter the show startup-config order

Non-Volatile RAM: This is extra memory for putting away the reinforcement or startup variant of the working framework being utilized. The Router will boot from this memory and burden every one of its projects from here.

RAM: When the Router begins up, the working framework is stacked into RAM. When the Router wraps beginning up, it starts to ascertain its own courses and, whenever designed to do as such, takes in system courses from different Routers by means of RIP (v1 and v2), OSPF, EIGRP, IS-IS or BGP. Smash is additionally utilized for reserving ARP tables, directing tables, steering measurements and other information that can accelerate the way toward sending of bundles.

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