You might be wondering about What TCPdump Command Can be Used to Filter Out All Traffic Except SSH Traffic? well.

The TCPdump is essentially the command-line based packet that captures and allowing us to capture and monitoring any type of network.

Many of us don’t have a great idea about commands in the network. In the TCP dump, the understanding of the syntax is a very essential process. A better understanding of the syntax helps us to use the tool efficiently.

This command allows the traffic from all layers of the OSI model. The TCPdump acts as a reliable tool. Firstly check whether the TCPdump is present in your system.

It is mainly used for capturing and analyzing the packets on the network interfaces. The captured packets are used for the later analyzing purpose or can directly be displayed on the screen. For the packet capturing, the lib Pcap library is used in the TCPdump.

Assume that the TCPdump is installed in the system by using a command as tcpdump -h. The command says the version of the TCPdump. All the TCPdump commands are prefaced with the keyword called sudo. The packets will be determined. The Commonly known ports are get replaced with the names of the applications. It is easy to work with the IP addresses and the port numbers.

Suppose if we are searching for the evidence and the lost order packets, it is important to think of the goals for deciding the packet size in the data. It only requires 64 bytes or 96 bytes in each packet.

The TCP port number 22 is used to filter out all the data except the SSH traffic. When the connection is set up between the two devices the transmission can take place. It guarantees the delivery of the packets from TCP port 22. It provides guaranteed communication over TCP port 22.

I hope this article has cleared your doubt about What TCPdump Command Can be Used to Filter Out All Traffic Except SSH Traffic.