Want to know what type of delivery uses data link layer addresses? alright, let’s discuss.

ARP(Address resolution protocol) is used to deliver the data link layer addresses. The ARP is a protocol used to resolve the IP addresses to the MAC addresses. The physical address is nothing but the MAC address of a device. It is the network card interface of a device.

The MAC address is the globally unique number that we assign to every interface card. Suppose if a device needs to connect to the other device within the local area network, we actually need to know the MAC address of that particular device. All the devices use the address resolution protocol(ARP) to know the Mac address of that particular device.

To understand in detail, if user A wants to communicate with user B and if User A already consists of the IP address of computer B, but to communicate with User B, the MAC address is required. Normally the IP address is required to locate the device on a network and the MAC address is the one that identifies the actual device. So to find the MAC address, User A first goes through its internal list.

It is called the ARP cache to check whether the User B Mac address matches the required MAC address. We can also check this on our own personal computer in the windows operating system by using the command prompt. By typing the command called arp -a. User A sends a broadcast message to a network by finding which computer has a specific IP address.

Then the user network which has the same matching address will respond back to user A. Once the computer receives the MAC address, it stores this type of information in the ARP cache. The IP address and the matching MAC address will be added to the ARP cache.

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