The computer virus is similar to the human affected virus, that affects computer systems. It can pass spread through one computer to the other computer. How can it pass through several computers?. It many through malicious code.

The virus can spread through many factors in the computer. It may be through media, through email attachments, and through the files that we download from the internet. The computer viruses will affect the performance of the systems, the personal information will be disclosed to the third party services.

It can make permanent damage to the hard disk. These computer viruses are designed by some malicious third party users to gain financial freedom. Once the virus is attached to a file or a document, it will be sent through email or any other public service. Once the user opens the file or a document that contained the virus, the virus gets attacked the system immediately. The viruses can affect any website, emails, and social websites.

There are different types of viruses that are human-made and injected into the computer. some of the major viruses are trojans and worms. Let us study in brief some of the viruses that affect the computer. The trojan is a virus that attacks the computer through a hacking program, it can control all the functions of the user, so we recognize this type as the trojan viruses. It can affect the computer without showing any signs of information in it.

The Worms are another types of Viruses, that affects all the computers that are connected to a network. The worms don’t correct the files but they actually modify the content in the file systems of a host computer. They delete the files and creates traffic in the Network.

Aside from these two viruses, it consists of many more viruses like Boot sector virus, web scripting virus, browser hijacker, polymorphic virus file infector, multipartite virus, and macro viruses. Let us discuss all these types of a computer virus in detail. The Boot sector viruses can take control over the computer.

The web scripting virus can explode the code of the web browsers and the code of the webpages, by this the virus can affect your computer. The browser hijacker can hijack the web browsers and it automatically directs to a website that contains the virus.

Another type of virus is a polymorphic virus, it can change its code each time when the infected file gets executed. It can infect and spread in multiple ways, it can infect both the program files and the system files. Another type of virus is the macros virus, the macro virus affects the system with a code, the code is written in the same macros language that we used for the software applications.

The viruses only spread when we open an affected virus file from our computer system. Let us know how these viruses get spread from one computer to another computer. Normally viruses spread through the emails and the text messages that are received to our computer, mostly it occurs from the social media spam links and in the file downloads. These viruses get attached inside of the file and the email attachments that contain huge information.

There are gain many more cyber attacks like Melissa, Sobig, wanna cry, and many more Among all of these cyber attacks the mono cry is named as a popular cyber attack. Though we have many viral attacks that can affect our system, we can avoid these viruses by taking some of the prevention requirements.

We should use the antivirus software, we can scan our email attachments before going to open any file or document from the mail, we should always scan the files that have been download from any websites on the internet. We should always avoid cracked or damaged software. already attacked viruses can produce any symptoms as if the virus got attacked to our system, frequent popups can encourage the users to visit all the unknown sites on the internet.

The frequent crash in the data can affect major damage to the computer. The slow computer performance is also a sign of the virus-attacked computer. The Unknown programs get started one after the other immediately if the virus is attached to the computer system. Viruses, worms, trojans, and the BOTs are part of a single software called malware. The main aim for the designing of the malware is to create money from the authorized persons.

It can steal sensitive and confidential information of the user. Every malware is a man-made virus, it is not a natural occurrence. Malware can attack phones, smartphones, laptops. Malware can be used for cyber hacktivism, cyber warfare, and for various reasons. All the viruses are part of the malware.

There are different types of malware. some of them are viruses, all these viruses are getting attached to the executable files, it only gets spreads if the user opens the file or a code that contains the virus. It always originates on the internet and gets spread when the file gets infected. Let us discuss what actually the malware is and how is it going to affect the systems. For a basic understanding, malware is software that is designed in the computer to disrupt and disable the computer systems and has the ability to take control over the system.

Malware can occur in many forms, as we have discussed previously, there can be of various types. It is usually hidden in some of the files or it can be in applications. It can take the advantage of the technical flows and the changes in the hardware and the software system. It can be in many forms like ransomware.

The ransomware can lock the computer systems until the host of the computer pays enough amount of money to the third party users. Some of the third party users may take the passwords and username of the authorized persons. There can also be keyloggers. The key loggers may read all the keystrokes and the password account numbers of the user and many more. The attackers try to use many of the software tools. These tools we call the rootkits.

All these get control over the systems. There is also another way that the attacker can take the information. The users should be more careful while clicking the website links, USB cables, and files.The difference between the malware and the viruses is, the malware injects the code into specific networks that attack all the systems connected to that network. But the Viruses are different from malware like it tends to the smaller pieces of the code that confuses all the other programs in it.

As soon as it gets infected ii get copies itself and spread to the other computers. Let us know some of the most damaging viruses that affected drastically the computer technology. The melissa makes the worst damage to the computer. Suppose if the set of people got a mail as if it containing an important message in it. When we open it all the popups get occur on our desktop that signs as if melissa has been attacked to the computer. The Macros is also make a huge damage to the systems. Normally the macros are used for the short cuts.

the macro virus takes advantage of this and soon spread to hundreds and thousands of users, it only makes to slow down the email services and leads to cost huge financial damage for many companies.So many of the IT companies prepare themselves by identifying the malicious emails and protect themselves while sending and receiving the mails. There is another most virus called slammer, slammer is a type of worm that affects SQL servers.

The slammer will take advantages of the SQL server that contains a bug in the software, it simply sends a piece of code, this code simply looks like a piece of the information, but it contains reprograms the SQL server to send copies of the same form to all the systems connected to the server. The slammer virus spreads faster than all the viruses that are currently present that affects thousands of servers in a few minutes. There is also another worm. It spreads through the mails, it doesn’t destroy information in the computer but actually takes over the computer.

The mail doesn’t contain the virus but actually downloads the virus from particular websites. We also have another virus called Strom worm BOT-NET. The Strom worm BOTNEt can perform all kinds of functions like disabling the web servers coordinating the number of attacks that slow down the computer system.

Once the system gets infected it starts spreading the viruses to the different computers in the network, it is difficult to stop these types of viruses as it spreads through the mails. We have different codes for every half an hour in the storm form that makes it difficult to identify the virus in the network. It affects over 1.5 million systems within a small amount of time.