Within a company or an organization there are hundreds and thousands of employees and to keep a track of them and provide them a shared platform to connect is a difficult task and looking from a practical point of view, also an important one. This is where the intranet comes to the rescue. An intranet is a private network that operates within an enterprise, company or organization and cannot be accessed by the people that are not a part of it. On this platform, information about the organization can be managed and share.

For further uses; activities of the organization can be streamlined to keep a track of them, important information can be managed and it grants easy and quick access to information. What distinguishes it from the internet is this is a platform that is not accessible to all, only people granted access to it can use it.

Use of Intranet

Advantages of Intranet:-

Intranet increases communication within the organization by allowing them to communicate on a common platform that is free from distraction, unlike social media.

It grants employees access to information about the organization, links to the files, applications, forms and database they need in order to work smoothly.

It is also useful for Human Resources as they can manage employees’ records with the help of an intranet where they can find all the information required for them to keep a track of them.

Customer service representatives can use it to track the requests they receive. Their work will be shorter, easier and efficient.

Collaboration becomes easier, new ideas can be debated and tested here before deciding if it is worth implementing.

Disadvantages of Intranet:-

An intranet is not a hacker-proof platform. In fact, it is vulnerable because it is accessed by so many devices and one if one gets a virus, the entire intranet’s safety will be compromised.

Safety of the important and confidential files and application cannot be fully trusted to it since it is not completely safe

The cost of an intranet increases over time. It needs software updates and server upgrades among the many other costly features and different users using different devices to access it only increases the cost of its’ maintenance because it will lead to quicker updates/upgrades.

Currently, it is not a popular platform and lack of users leads to a lack of content on it because a lack of users means less activity which will make it not useful and wasteful expenditure.

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