What is Backup and Its Types
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What is Backup Sites, Types of Backup Sites – Hot, Warm and Cold site

When data in a location is lost due to fire, flood, other natural disasters, or terrorist attacks, the data needs to be temporarily operated. The locations selected for this purpose can be described as a backup site. Larger companies have their backup sites.

Smaller companies may work in conjunction with larger companies or work with another smaller company

Back sites are categorized into three categories based on their usage

  1. Hot site
  2. Warm site
  3. Cold site

Hot site

A hot site is a section of the backup site and it operates continuously the hot site helps the company resume operations very quickly after a disaster A hot site can be set up very quickly in a branch office or a cloud or small room

The hot site should be online and readily available the hot site must have all the necessary features including hardware and software one of the hot sites is that the data is backed up regularly and can be recovered very quickly the hot site will be a long way to ensure the safety of the hot site

Warm site

A warm site is another type of backup site. It is not the same as the hot site. The warm site has hardware and software connectivity already established.  The Wham site needs more time than the hot site to back up. The warm site is the middle site of the two disaster recovery sites such as hot and cold sites. The Warm site offers the office space and data center space and will have some pre-installed server hardware.

The major difference between a hot site and a warm site is that  The hot site provides a mirror of the production data-center and it’s on the environment, A warm site contains only servers for the installation of the production of environments.

The Warm site makes sense for the aspect of the business which is not critical but requires a level of redundancy. A CBA conducted on whether to use a warm site and the hot site should include the downtime associated with the software and configuration loading requirements for engineering

Cold site

The cold site is another type of backup site. and the cold site is hosted by the third party the service charge of the cold site is paid monthly or annually. the major difference between cold site and hot site, the hot site provides all equipment such as furniture and other business necessities. but the cold is provided an only specified amount of space  the cold site must provide any needed hardware and software

The cold site has an important role in disaster recovery plan the business employes will generate a clear plan of operating cold site it can take a few days to prepare a cold site since the computer systems must be installed in another case in the cold site is provide services such as telephone, power and network access.

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