What is Business Data Classification
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What is Business Data Classification

The Business Data Classification is an important factor in the business field. Business data is the collection of information and is used to plan and operate the organization.  The business field or organization strives to on the safe side it needs to implement a workable data classification program.

The business data have classifying different levels the classifying data will identifying the risk of a particular incident. The data is very sensitive and it very indispensable the data classification program is cost-effective because it deals with the business to focus which face a higher risk

Another thing is data classification is a stressing process the major types of data classification are:

  1. Public data
  2. Internal data
  3. Confidential data
  4. Secret data
  5. Top secret data

Public Data

The public data is the collection of information it can be freely used. The public data have any no legal restrictions on access or usage

The enterprise network the public data will available all employees and all the individuals or entities external to the corporation. marketing materials, contact information and price list is the examples of public data

Internal Data

Internal data is another type of data classification. The internal data is retrieved inside of the company and it makes decisions for successful operations. The sales, finance, marketing, and human resource are the different areas of a company can gather the internal data sales book, the organization chart is the examples of internal data

Confidential Data

The confidential data is also known as personal identifiable information (PII)  and it is don’t want anyone to obtain without our permission. This type of data is not available on the general public   Contact vendors and employee reviews  are examples of confidential data

Secret Data

Secret data is a very important data classification. the term ‘secret’ is an object and it contains a small amount of sensitive data. and it should never become public.

The secret data was disclosure could negatively affect the operations of the organization and financial or legal risk. the secret data requires the highest level of the protection, the secret data is protected by regulations or confidentiality agreements  the loss of secret data is very serious to the company

Top Secret Data

The top-secret data is the highest classification. and it is the highest sensitive data. the top-secret data is only used for top-level management the loss of top-secret data is every seriously affect the company IP, credit card information, are the examples of top-secret data.

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