Collision Domain and Broadcast Domain

Collision Domain And Broadcast Domain plays an important role in networking when the device send and receive the data from each other.

Collision Domain

Collision Domain is a set of LAN devices whose frames could collide with one another. This happens with hubs, bridges, repeaters and wireless routers as only one device can send and receive at a time. If more than one device tries to send or receive then the data or information is lost and irrecoverable and it will need to be resent.

Collision Domain

Note: Remember, each port on a hub is in the same collision domain. Each port on a bridge, a switch or router is in a separate collision domain.

Broadcast Domain

Broadcast Domain is a group of devices on a particular network segment that if one device sends a broadcast frame, all devices hear the broadcasts sent out on that particular network segment.

Broadcast Domain

But even though a broadcast domain is usually a boundary delimited by physical media like switches and routers, the term can also refer to a logical division of a network segment where all host can communicate via a Data Link Layer, hardware address broadcast.


CSMA/CD stands for Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection. It is an Ethernet networking protocol that helps devices to share the bandwidth evenly while preventing two devices from transmitting simultaneously on the same network medium. CSMA/CD was created to overcome the collisions problems that occur while transmitting the packet from different nodes at the same time.


Important Points

  • Hub has a single broadcast domain and collision Domain
  • By default, each port of switch carries a single broadcast domain and per port collision Domain.
  • Router has per port Collision and Broadcast Domain.

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Download Collision Domain and Broadcast Domain in pdf

To download Collision Domain and Broadcast Domain in pdf- Click here

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