What are the Components of Computer Network

Components of Computer Network:- As we know that networking needs some components to work systematically, to make this possible some components come into play to perform a different function and different task according to the requirement of the user and the communication system. To know more about the Components of Computer Network, keep reading this article till the end.

Components of Computer Network

  • Sender Computer: The sender computer is also known by the source which creates the message to be transmitted to the receiver’s computer.
  • Communication Equipment at sender’s end (Modem): It converts the sender’s message which is in digital into an analog signal to avoid the noise and distortion and increase the speed of transmission and when an analog signal comes from receiver’s end it converts back into a digital signal to understand the computer.
  • The communication channel (telephone cables): It is the medium in which the messages are carried out, it can be wired or wireless.
  • Communication Equipment at Receiver’s End (Modem): It converts the analog signal which comes from the sender’s end into a digital signal.
  • Receiver Computer: It is the receiver computer when the sender sends a message, it decodes that message put that on screen for the receiver person.

Network Hardware components

There are some hardware components of networking that helps in building a network to make communication possible. Some of these are as follows:

Client: a client is a computer that uses and accesses the network and shared resources. Basically, the client sends the request to the server and the server performs according to the user request.

Server: It is the computer that stores all the data information in one place and when the client request any data or information which is stored in then the server serves according to the client request.

NIC: It stands for Network Interface Card (NIC) that holds the physical address of the computer. It also prepares and sends, receives and controls the data in the network. It passes and receives the data through the physical layer.

NOS: The NOS stands for Network Operating System is a program that runs on computers and servers and allows the computers to communicate with each other over the network.

Switch:  Switch is a networking device that performs the task like data flow and control and error detection. It is an advanced version of Hub and it is a layer two device that operates at the Data link layer of the OSI model. It’s every port carry a separate collision domain.

Hub:  It is a networking device that operates at the physical layer of the OSI model and its every port carries multiple collision domains. It covers the frame in bit/ byte or in the electrical signal.

Router: Router is a device that allows connecting multiple computers of the different networks simultaneously and they able to share the data, information, and resources to each other.

Gateway:  It allows us to connect two different networks.

Cables:  It is the medium through which data and information are carried from one device to another device. The wires which are used as a medium are coaxial cable, shielded twisted pair cable, unshielded twisted pair cable, and fiber optics cable.

What are the Components of Computer Network

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