Different Types of Backup Sites and Its Advantages & Disadvantages
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Different Types of Backup Sites, Advantages & Disadvantages

Backup Sites is one of the most important terms in the computer field. Backups can be used to safely transfer files made by a computer to another computer. For example, files that we have done on one computer can be transferred to another computer.

Once the files on the first computer are corrupted or damaged, we can use the files on the second computer.

Large servers such as Facebook and YouTube take multiple backups and store them; important backups are as follows,

1- Full backup

2-Incremental backup

3-Differential backup

4-Copy backup

Full Backup

Full backup is a very important backup in backup types; Full Backup is a name that tells you to backup everything including files and folders- For example, we have backups from Monday to Friday, Monday we back up all the files to another server Tuesday again back up the same files and folders including day 1 files, and continue the backup process Wednesday to Friday


  • By doing a full backup, the files are very secure
  • New files and old files are organized exactly
  • Backup files can be recovered very quickly


  • A full backup is much slower than other backups
  • Full backup requires more storage
  • There is very little use of full backup

Incremental Backup

Incremental backup works much faster than the full backup; The incremental backup only backs up the changeable portion of the file or folder In the previous example, the process of backing up from Monday to Friday is back up only files that have been changed on Monday

Incremental backups sometimes called “differential incremental backup”


  • Incremental backup is much faster than other backups
  • Compared to the other backup, increment backup using less space


  • Unable to back up full
  • It will back backup only changed files

Differential Backup

Differential only backs up files that have changed since doing a full backup, for example, we doing a full backup on Sunday, again Monday backup only the files changed on Sunday Tuesday backup only the files changed on Sunday and this continues in next full backup

Differential backup is much faster than full backup But it can’t be done more than once in a day


  • Differential back up faster than a full backup
  • It requires less memory than a full backup


  • We need more storage space than Incremental Backup
  • Speed is slower than an incremental backup

Copy Backup

Copy backup is a different backup than other backups, Copy backup only backs up what we have selected. The copy backup never records the backed up files Therefore, it is the responsibility of the backup person to collect the information

The machines that need to be backed up are always attached to it

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