In this article I am going to tell you How to Build a Wireless Home Network Using a Router well, whenever you are in need of affixing multiple devices to your internet connection, then you always go for purchasing a Router that furnishes you with this facility of roping as many devices as you want.

The router serves you in various ways; it likewise lets you share the files with proper Configuration. If you have a Modem, then you don’t need Router, but various Modems come with a device that has Router attached inside it.

Now various people assemble their own wireless network at home or in the office that incorporates simple processes.

It can be fabricated with or without using Router that entirely depends on you. Let’s whip up one of the essential topics in this article by describing the process of Building a Wireless Home Network using a Router.

This article would surely help you to have your own wireless Home network that will assist you in numerous ways.

Building a Wireless Network

Many people surely have already tried their hands in assembling the Wireless network while those who are thinking of going for it yet don’t have enough clue in mind, then this article is going to help you in this manner.

Building a Wireless Network

Let’s proceed with the topic and debate about the process step by step. In simple words, building a Home Wireless Network means attaching an internet access point to the wireless Router so that maximum devices can have the internet connection without utilizing the cable.

The Wireless Network can set up without using a Router, yet I recommend you utilize the best Wifi router for home because it is one of the best ways to build the network. After setting it up, you will be proficient at sharing multiple files to other computers and can attain many devices with the same network.

In such a case, you will no longer in need of Network cable for the connection. This process proves to be very functional and conventional for those desktop computers where it is resistant to install the Network Cable; in such case, your Wireless Network will help you out.

How to Build a Wireless Home Network Using a Router?

Let’s go-ahead to the main topic and consider the process of building a Wireless Network Utilizing a Router. Once you succeeded in having your own Broadband Router, then you can allocate your internet access with multiple devices.

Broadband Router usually lets you share your internet access with as many people as you want. Apart from that, you can also limit the time duration for using the internet for those who are sharing it.

For Instance, if you don’t want to allocate internet access in day time then you can set the limit, it is how people won’t be able to use the internet at that time. They called for Ethernet cables that sprint among the Router and Broadband Devices. To set up the Wireless Home network, you require a few essential things that would help you in this manner. It incorporates

  1. A port that does working on communication endpoint.
  2. A Router that would help to build a Wireless Network.
  3. You likewise Require Ethernet Hub that that helps to attach multiple devices.
  4. A Firewall that protects your Network from any threat or misuse. It is always essential for your safety.
  5. Last but not least, you also need to have a wireless access point, which is a device that permits the WIFI devices to connect to the network.

Before moving ahead let’s talk about Wireless Routers that you should consider for the Wireless Home Network.

Best WIFI Router for Home

The selection of Router for your Wireless Home Network should be done precisely. Nowadays, you should purchase a Router that utilizes the 802.11n remote norm. In any case, there are a couple of provisos.

This Wi-Fi convention is in reverse good with 802.11g and 802.11b; If you utilize a PC dependent on one of those more established innovations, the machine will work with your new Router inasmuch as you arrange the switch for in reverse similarity.

Now let’s have a look at those steps that would make more clear to you in installing the Wireless Home Network. Those steps include:

  • The foremost thing that you need in this manner is to search the best spot where you may place the Wireless Router. It would be great if you got a spot in the middle so that the connectivity doesn’t slow down.
  • Once you start connecting all the equipment, then don’t forget to power off the Modem.
  • Now let’s move to the wireless router that you have purchased. Attach it to the Modem. Plug an Ethernet hub into the Router WN Port so that it assists you in connecting multiple devices to the network.
  • Once you are done with everything now let’s start connecting a laptop or computer to the Wireless Router. For this purpose, take an Ethernet cable and attach one side of the cable to the Router while the other side will be attached to the device for which you want the connection. Remember that this wiring will be temporary and will be removed once everything is setup.
  • Always remember that during all this process, your Modem, Router, and device should be turned on. First turn on your Modem, once the light starts blinking, later turn on the Router and later your device where you want the connectivity.
  • The next step demands IP Address of Router that will be entered on the Administration page. Go to the Router Administration page and change the default administration password. Password should be strong.
  • In the Wireless Security section, look for the option of WPA2 Security and choose the encryption type. Make the Encryption Enable. This step is essential to perform. Always choose a complicated password that can’t be hacked easily. Later go for changing the name of Wireless Network. If you will not change then it will become easily accessible to the unauthorized party.

Wireless Router Location

The position that you allocate to the Routers also matters a lot because the performance of the internet depends on the location of Router means where you place at home. If you ever complain about the speed or performance of the internet, then first make sure that either your Router is placed at the right place or not.

Place it in the middle of the house where you will never face the connectivity issue. Moreover, when you place it in the middle, then it will convey the signals at every portion of your house without getting the signals weak. Apart from that try to place it at a higher place incorporating bookshelf or on the table. Don’t put it on the floor that will slow down the signals.

Advantages of Building Wireless Network

Every Network holds numerous advantages, whether it’s Wired or Wireless. For now, as we are discussing the Wireless network, so let’s head over to those characteristics that enhances its importance. The advantages of building Wireless Network incorporates:

  • In Wireless Networks, due to the absence of Network cables, all the process of setting up the network is done within no time. It doesn’t require any complicated method. Just with a simple method, here you go.
  • You can give access of internet to as many devices as you want without utilizing extra adaptors or cables.
  • One of the best uses of having a Wireless network is that you don’t need to be present at that particular spot. It let you use the system even when you are away from it. The work that you are doing will never stop because of not having an internet connection. Isn’t it the best?
  • Installing a Wireless network is always a cheap process. You don’t require any additional things that increase the cost. With a feasible amount, you can have a wireless network.
  • You may face the security issues more often because it is not as reliable as a Wired network, yet with every problem, there comes a solution. With a Firewall, you may protect your Wireless Network from any threat.

Protecting Wireless Network

One of the significant disadvantages that it contains is security issues. Wireless Networks are less secure or reliable as compared to Wired Network. Yet we have various solutions through which we can make our Wireless Network Secure. Let discuss those points through which we can take care of the safety of these networks. The steps incorporate:

1- Transmute Administrator Password

As I mentioned above that during the installation of a wireless home network, one of the essential steps that you should never forget is to change the by default Router Administrator password. If you do not change, then the hacking chances will increase because, by default, passwords are easily detected by the Hackers so better to be cautious during the installation process. It is the first step of making your Wireless Network secure and threat free.

2- Modify By default SSID Name

During the process of installation, all the things need to be edit which is by-default for the security reasons. The SSID name that appears during the setup process also needs to be modified; otherwise, hackers will quickly detect your network, and then it will no longer remain secure. Once you change the name, you are free from hacker’s attacks. Better to have special consideration on these little things to save yourself from a significant loss in the future. Moreover, don’t give it such an easily detectable name. Confuse the hacker with a complex name.

3- Enable Encryption

Encryption is usually done to transform the data into codes. It permits hackers to hack the data or information. During the setting of the wireless network, you go through the option of Encryption, so don’t forget to make it enable. After making it enable, all your data will be encrypted and will become undetectable by an unauthorized party or any hacker. It is another step for the safety of your Wireless Home network.

4- Shield from Internet Attacks

When various devices attach to the Wireless network, then chances of numerous attacks increase so better to make your devices error-free with the right precautions. Install Anti Malware on every device that will be used on that wireless network. It is how your devices will be error-free and virus free then your network will be secured from any issue. This simple step can save you from a big loss. Don’t take it for granted.

5- Disable Wireless Network when Not at Home

We highly recommend you to turn off your wireless network whenever you are not utilizing it or away from home. By doing this, the chances of your system being attacked by the unauthorized party will decrease. Moreover, sometimes it can also get damaged by Electric power surges, so in this way, the chances of damage will also become less. You ill also get rid of the noise that it creates during working.

6- Update Router’s Software

The software is an essential thing that needs to be updated with time because it contains flaws that need to change with time. If you do not update it, then it will become accessible to the hackers. Unfortunately, sometimes a few routers don’t have this option of updating software. For this purpose, you need to go through a complicated process manually. It is another step of making your Network safe and secure.


It is always the best decision to have Home Wireless Network with using Router. You can build it without utilizing the Router, yet with outer will make the process easy and straightforward. I have mentioned the procedure that depicts how to assemble Wireless Home Network with a Router. Furthermore, if you are using a Wireless network, then you should know the points that assist in making the system secure.

I hope you will find this article helpful and informative. Have your own wireless network and share it with as many devices as you want.

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