This utility allows the network-administrators to upgrade the IOS images, not only that it can also be used to keep the back-up of the configuration files. So in the case route crashed the IOS can be restored from the server, the TFTP SolarWinds run on the UDP port 69.

The solar-winds TFTP server is multi-threaded that allows the user to concurrently upload and downloads the files even from the different networks. It can also be used to run as a service to provide 24/7 TFTP server availability to your network.

There are a variety of freely TFTP servers available the main benefit of using solar-winds TFTP is that it is really easy to set up and some sort of security can be applied like allow certain IP addresses to access the server.

The solar-winds TFTP can be used to back-up the configuration files for appliances like routers, switches, IP Phones, and other devices. Once the sola-winds TFTP has been installed following steps should be followed to back-up Cisco IOS for router and switches.

  1. Make sure the solar winds TFTP server is running on the same network as the interface of the router to which it is connected, in this example fa0/0 of the router is connected with the solar-winds.Solarwinds TFTP Server
  2. Configure the IP addresses on the interface of the route and make sure both Server and route are in the same network in this example both fall in network, now configure the interface fa0/0 of the router.Solarwinds TFTP Server
  3. Now configure the TCP/IP setting of the computer and make sure both are in same network.
    Solarwinds TFTP ServerAlso, read…
  1. Now run the solar-winds by clicking on start ->programs ->programs ->configure.Solarwinds TFTP Server
  2. Start the SolarWinds TFTP server and also verify the root directory.Solarwinds TFTP Server
  3. Now in order to upgrade the IOS in the Cisco router from a solar-winds TFTP server, put the desired cisco IOS in the root folder of the TFTP server.Solarwinds TFTP Server
  4. In order to fresh install then erase the contents of flash memory by using the (erase flash) command.Solarwinds TFTP Server
  5. Now copy the IOS image from the TFTP server to the cisco router in this example by using the following command (copy TFTP flash).Solarwinds TFTP Server

After the IOS image has been copied to flash, you must have to restart the router for it to take effect, and it has two options either to turn it off and then turn it on (hard reboot) or run the (reload) command in privileged mode.

Download How to configure Solarwinds (TFTP) Server for backup and configuration files in pdf – Click here