The primary security feature that can be designed is redundancy. The Redundance. Let us learn the hardware and the system redundancies. And the prime objective is to ensure the availability of the information services. Normally there are two types of redundancy.

One is data redundancy and the other is system redundancy to access the data. For the data redundancy, we have two things that depend upon the recovery window. If we consist of a certain type of recovery window, we can use the backup mechanism. If we do not contain, then we use the redundant array of the independent risks. The cost can vary for the type of recovery window.

Let us study the type of window to use the internal components in a redundant manner. It can be of redundant power supply, network interface, and the disk controller. It is the most expensive option for component redundancies. If there is any fail component then we replace this component with the spare available components. so the component redundancy is the cheapest option. The system redundancy is also called the high availability cluster. It consists of two options.

The one is the active-active cluster. The active cluster is the primary and secondary system that actively processes the data. We also call it load balancing.

They are balancing the processing load of each other. If there is any failure in the system, the other system starts processing the load of the 1st system. The second option is the active-passive cluster. the active-passive cluster represents that one system is primary and the other is the secondary system.

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The secondary system is in stand by mode, it will not process the data but it is the heart of the primary system. In case of any failure, it stops processing, then the passive system starts processing the data or the services of the active system. The active system regularly gets faulty.

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