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We can classify the computer in many different ways. Let us learn different types of the computer in detail. The first type of computer is described based on its size, the second type of computer is based on the mechanism and the last one is based on its purpose.

The computer that differs based on its size is can different computer in many different ways, the computer can be as a supercomputer, Mainframe, Minicomputer, and the macro computer. We also divide a macro computer into many different types like the desktop computer, laptop computer, and palmtop computer.

The second type of classification is based on the mechanism, the mechanism is again divided into many different types like analog, digital, and the last hybrid mechanism. Referring to the technologies like analog and the digital, we can classify these types of the computer. It can classify the mechanism, and the third type of the mechanism works based on the purpose that the computer need, it can be of two types like general purpose and special purpose.

The computers that work based on their size are a supercomputer, mainframe computer, minicomputer and at last the major computer. Let us learn about each type of computer in detail. The supercomputer works based on its speed and the powerful machines that we use. The supercomputer can run at a speed of 10MIPS, and this is very cost-effective in nature. It can only be used for general applications.

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The best example for the supercomputer is Cray and CDS cyber. Another type of computer is the Mainframe computer, the mainframe computer is used for general computing, it can process information at the speed of 10 MIPS. The mainframe may not be used for general purposes and is very cost-effective.

The mainframe computers work less effectively than the supercomputer, but they can work fast and helps in many processes. It is not easily found in general offices, it only helps in engineering and in business purposes. Another type of computer we use the mini-computer, the mini computer is established in the 1970s that helps in advanced technology. The mini-computers are less expensive than the macro computers and supercomputers, the main advantage of the mini computer is, it shows high performance even within the low maintenance.

It can also support the number of users from up to 20 users, many of the computers use the microchip technology because it affords cheaper and less expensive. Another type of computer is the Microcomputer, the microcomputer is mostly used for home purposes.

It has different types of workstations that are dedicated mainly to data processing. The microcomputer has increased the advanced technologies that result in the high growth in the personal computers of the industry. The microcomputer can include different types like a desktop computer, laptop computer, and palmtop computer. Let us learn each type of computer in detail.

The desktop computer is nothing but the personal computer that works to fit the physical device, it can include many hardware devices like keyboard, mouse, monitor, and all the desktop computer, it can also include many of the modern devices like a storage device. Another type of computer is a laptop, the laptop is a personal computer, it is designed for mobile purposes.

When we compare with full-sized computers, these laptops can combine most of the components that present in the desktop computer like the keyboard. It also includes touchpads and trackpads, We can also have the speaker and the battery.

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These laptops are portable in nature that works anywhere and anywhere. We can carry these laptops anywhere we want. The last type in the microcomputer is the palmtop computers, the palmtop computers are like a small type of computer that actually fits in the palms of the computer. For example, in the palm type of the computers.

We use the pen instead of using the keyboard for the input. So we call these handheld devices or computers or can also be called digital assistants. we include these in the microcomputers. The Analog represents the continuous challenge in the specified quantity. Let us learn how the analog data takes input and how it generates the output.

The analog can accept the continuous input and gives output in the form of the output. The best example for voltage, temperature, pressure. It is mainly used to measure the values continuously. The very best example is a thermometer. Another type is a digital computer that, the term says “Separate”.

I have given the download link of Classification of Computers PDF below, so you can also download the listed pdf related to Classification of Computers.

In a Digital system, we give input in the form of the binary system that represents by electrical beats like ON and OFF. We can operate counting the numbers or the digits, these numbers are represented in the form of the digital form. The best example for digital computers is calculators, digital watches, thermometers, and the personal computers.

We can combine these features both in the form of analog and digital computers. All these are the different types of computers. These computers work very fast and accurately that are used in many scientific fields. They can convert these numbers into digital form. The last type of mechanism is based on its purpose.

These are the two types of purposes called general purpose and the special purpose, the general-purpose is designed to perform the specific task, these are different to work very efficiently. The Best example is aircraft, missile guidance systems, etc.

This general purpose is the one that can be mostly used for a variety of applications. These are mostly used for business applications. Let us know the overview about the classification of the computers, we have many types like microcomputers, minicomputers, mainframe computers, and the supercomputers, many of the people only known about the desktop computers and laptops, but we also have different types of the computers with all the different features in it.

All the computers are classified based on their size, technology, and purpose. We have microcomputers, minicomputers, mainframe computers, and supercomputers. we use the microchips that are mainly used in many of the devices.

These devices cab be I-pods, DVDs, headphones. Microcomputers are the very common computers that we are using for domestic and commercial purposes, the microcomputers refer to different solutions like smartphones, desktop computers, tablet computers and are portable in nature.

Let us learn some of the main advantages of microcomputers, they consist of only a single processor, so we call it the microprocessor. These computers are mostly used by single users as personal computers, so microcomputers are mostly used in offices and in homes.

The Microcomputers are the very most expensive. The Microcomputers reusable and rechargeable in nature apart from desktop computers. As we have discussed earlier, laptops, notebooks, smartphones, tablets are the best example of microcomputers. The desktop computers act as the mini-computer that works that be sufficient for home purposes.

I have given the download link of Classification of Computers PDF below, so you can also download the listed pdf related to Classification of Computers.

Another type is the Laptop, the laptops are very portable that can be carried anywhere and can be used at any place, these are normally smaller in size. Another type of computer is the palmtop computer that is mainly used without any input and output devices that don’t consist of any keyboard. The best example of palmtop computers is small handheld devices.

The calculator is also the best example for palmtop computers that are mainly used for mathematical purposes. We use specific feature computers for the different purposes like gaming console, that is only used for the entertainment purpose. In Day to day life, we are using different computer machines for different purposes, they are ATM machines, washing machines, etc which we usually use in our daily life.

The other types are Mainframe computers, these are very expensive and can provide services to the thousands of od users that area in need. The mainframe computers only work one step less than the supercomputers. The only difference between the mainframe computer and the supercomputer is its speed.

Supercomputers work faster than the mainframe and the microcomputer. But the mainframes are the most powerful computers, it can provide service to any number of users simultaneously. The best examples are VAX 8842, CDC 6600, IBM 4381.

The last types are mini-computers, which is the midsized computer between the supercomputer and the mainframe computer. The mini-computers works very efficiently, it can handle 100 to 200 users simultaneously. It is a little far from the mainframe computers. The best examples for the mini-computers are sun microsystems Itanium based systems and many more.

The last type of computers are the supercomputers, these supercomputers are the first computers among all the other computers. These are the fastest computers and are very cost-effective, We mostly use these for specific business applications and mathematical calculations.

I have given the download link of Classification of Computers PDF below, so you can also download the listed pdf related to Classification of Computers.

Supercomputers are used to solve complex problems like whether the report, some of the dynamic calculations, nuclear energy research, and petroleum.

The supercomputer always tries to execute the problem within few seconds. The main difference between a supercomputer and a mainframe computer is, the supercomputers try to execute the problem faster whereas mainframe computers try to execute many user problems simultaneously.

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