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Computer Peripherals PDF

This is an overview of Computer Peripherals PDF, if you want to read full article in best quality in pdf, we have provided download link below.

The computer peripherals are devices. We connect the peripheral devices externally to the computer but actually not part of the computer system. The best examples for peripherals devices are the printer, monitor, keyboard, touchpad, joystick, and many more. These are not the core elements in computer architecture.

The central processing unit(CPU), motherboard, power supply are comes under the core elements. Aside from these things, every element in the computer comes under the peripheral devices. The computer also needs more elements for the functioning of the elements in it like hard drive, ram, and Rom. We connect the peripheral devices to the computer to expand the operations and different functionality.

Let us discuss some of the functionalities of the peripheral device. Let’s take the printer, we connect the printer externally to print the documents or files that we stored on our computer devices. All the peripheral devices depend on the computer system. The Peripheral devices can be subdivided into three categories. They are Input devices, output devices, and the last category is storage devices.

The input devices are used to take the input from the user. The mouse keyboard is an example of the input devices. The output devices take the input from the input devices and result from the output. Monitor and printer are the best examples for the output devices.

The storage device stores the information that given by the user. flash drive, the hard disk is the example for the storage devices. But there are some devices that come under more than one of these categories. For example CD-ROM drive. The CD-ROM drive can be used to read the data by acting as the input devices and can write the data while acting as the output devices.

This is an overview of Computer Peripherals PDF, if you want to read full article in best quality in pdf, we have provided download link below.

The peripheral device can be of the external and the internal types., printer, scanner, etc are external devices. We connect these devices externally. The optical disc drive comes under the internal devices. These devices are located inside the computer. The peripheral devices can easily connect and disconnect.

We can replace the devices when it is needed. We can only maintain essential devices and can discard them when it is not necessary. But some of the peripheral devices are must necessary like a monitor. If the monitor is removed then no functionality can be done.

The below figure 1.1 represents all the internal and external peripheral devices are connected to the computer. The central processing unit (CPU) referred with number 2. the motherboard referred with 8. The power supply in 5. expansion slots 4. hard disk drive 7, the optical disk drive 6. Scanner 1, monitor 10, keyboard 13, mouse 14, speakers 9, and printer 16. The numbers 11 and 12 comes under the software.

There are many more peripherals than recently been introduced like webcam, microphone. All the internal peripheral devices we directly connect to the motherboard. The motherboard is the central processor where all the operations of the input can be done using many different types of slots on the motherboard.

The external peripheral devices can be both wired and wireless devices. Let us study the function of each peripheral device in detail. We can get or put information in the peripheral devices. Let us discuss the functioning of all the peripheral devices in detail.


The printer is the external peripheral device that we connect externally to the computer. The peripheral device is only used when it is necessary. We can remove or connect the printer as of our need. The printer has the functionality to make a copy of the document, photos, or papers. We have different types of printers.

This is an overview of Computer Peripherals PDF, if you want to read full article in best quality in pdf, we have provided download link below.

There are Inkjets and laser printers are the most commonly used. We also have other printers like thermal printers and dot-matrix printers. Normally, we use the inkjet printers, we use in our homes. The printer moves back and forth across the paper. The laser prints are mostly used for small business and large business purposes.

The laser printer will provide high-quality print and can come in different sizes. The thermal printers can use a special type of paper called thermal paper and has a wax-based ink and turns black when the heat is applied. The last type of printer is called the thermal printer, the thermal printer is mostly not in use. The DOT printer is an old technology that can produce mediocre print quality.


The computer keyboard is one of the external peripheral devices. We will connect externally to the computer. It is one of the most essential parts of the peripheral device. Without the keyboard, we cannot give input to perform the operations on the computer.


The mouse comes under the external peripheral device. It is an input device where we give input to the computer. By moving the pointer on the monitor we select the items on the monitor screen.

On the mouse, we normally have two buttons. In between, there presents a scroll will between them. With the help of the scroll will we can move the page. The mouse can do many functions on the computer system, we can point and select items on the screen, we can draw an paint on the computer screen, we can also play several games by using the mouse.

This is an overview of Computer Peripherals PDF, if you want to read full article in best quality in pdf, we have provided download link below.

We can move items on the monitor from one place to another by clicking the left button on the mouse. There are different types of mouse-like scroll mouse. The scroll mouse has two buttons and scrolls to move up and down. Another type of mouse is the optical mouse.

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The optical mouse consists of red light under it. The wireless mouse is another type that will not attach to the computer, it can communicate through signals.

Hard disk

The Hard disk is the internal peripheral device to store the data in it. The hard disk uses magnetic storage to store the data and digital storage to retrieve the data from it. we use a magnetic material to retrieve the information more rapidly. the platters that are present on the magnetic heads where we can read and write the data on the platter surface.

We can access the stored information by two types. Using random access memory(RAM) and read-only memory (ROM). We can access the data in any order in the random access memory. The hard disk is usually nonvolatile storage, we can retain the data after the system gets turned off.

This is an overview of computer peripherals book pdf, if you want to read full article in best quality in pdf, we have provided download link below.

We have the peripheral ports. These peripheral ports are used to connect the different devices of the computer. We have different types of ports in the peripheral devices like serial ports, parallel ports, USB ports, and many more. The ports act as the connecting points to the various peripheral devices to the computer. Let us study different types of peripheral ports.

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The serial port’s name itself tells that the data can be transferred in a serial manner. The serial ports can be of 9 pin connector or as a 24 pin connector. The parallel ports can send the data up to 8 bits. we can send and receive the data at a time. apart from the serial ports, the parallel ports transmit the data in a parallel manner.

The parallel ports can have a 25-bit connector. The main function of the parallel ports is to send and receive data in the form of bytes. at the same time, we usually use parallel ports to connect many peripheral devices like printers, scanners, hard disk drives, and many more. we can transmit the data-parallel to each other.

This is an overview of Computer Peripherals PDF, if you want to read full article in best quality in pdf, we have provided download link below.

we have another type of port called USB ports, the USB ports stand for universal serial bus. We use the single standardized. The USB ports are easy to connect to any number of devices. we cannot connect printer, scanner, digital cameras telephone, etc similar to the Serial and the parallel ports.

Another type of peripheral port is the ethernet port. The ethernet port opens a piece of network equipment, where we can plug ethernet cables into it. The main purpose of the Ethernet port is to connect the network hardware to the ethernet network. The ethernet cable only accepts the RJ45 connector to it.

This is an overview of Computer Peripherals PDF, if you want to read full article in best quality in pdf, we have provided download link below.

The last type of port is called HDMI peripheral port. The HDMI stands for High definition multimedia interface. The HDMI peripheral port is a digital connector, it can carry the high videos and the audio channels in a single cable.

These peripheral devices can be of both internal and external devices that can provide input and output services for the functioning of the computer. We have must essential peripheral devices and nonessential peripheral devices. Keyboard, hard disk, monitor mouse are the essential peripheral devices. The printer, scanner is the nonessential peripheral devices.

This is an overview of Computer Peripherals PDF, if you want to read full article in best quality in pdf, we have provided download link below.

The external peripheral is used only when it is required. We can remove and attach the external device according to the user’s need. Unlike core elements, all components in the device come under the peripheral devices. Motherboard, random access memory, central processing unit, graphical processing unit are the core components of the computer.

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