What is the function of the kernel of an operating system?

Everyone may have heard the word computer. Now we will discuss the basic introduction about the operating system, and what does a kernel does in the operating system. It is not easy to define the term called ” Kernel”. A Kernel is like the Operating system, but actually not an operating system. It is the central component of an operating system.Keep reading this article if you want to know more about What Is The Function Of The Kernel Of An Operating System is.

The kernel acts as the interface between the user and the software system. To derive simply, it is an interface between the hardware components and the software applications. A single computer can be used for any number of purposes, depending on the user how he utilizes the system.

To execute any service in the kernel, we install the software in the system, when we want to edit audio or a video file, we can’t change the parameters of a video, we must need software to do any work or service in the computer system. Every software demands one or the other hardware functions like mouse, keyboard, CPU, speakers and etc. The software is untouchable, that we write in the form of a program in the system.

The software is built in a user-friendly interface. This software takes input from the user and with the hardware devices, it executes the given service. This is what exactly the kernel does. The Kernel allows the software to interact with the hardware devices to perform a specific task in the computer system.

It develops the communication between the application and the hardware. All the functions in the kernel are not limited to the interface. The Kernel is the key component of an operating system.

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The kernel gets starts when the computer starts and it’s kept loaded until the system gets turned off. It determines the number of resources that are should be used by every application in the system. The kernel consists of separate space in the memory and allows the function independently. Every process that gets started in the computer system, demands the required resources from the kernel. The below figure represents the kernel in the system.

I hope you have read and understood the explanation for “What Is The Function Of The Kernel Of An Operating System is.