What is Wireless Isolation?

Wireless Isolation is also called Client Isolation. We use it to Prevent or protect the users from each other in the network during communication. We can do isolation in both wireless and wired Isolation.

Let us study wireless Isolation in detail. The below diagram represents wireless Client Isolation. The user computers are connected to a switch to access the internet and a wireless computer is connected through the internet. And the switch is connected to an access point.

Now the above diagram represents the client isolation. But how does it protects the user?

wireless isolation example

When a PC1 wants to send a message to the PC2, the wireless isolation blocks the connection between the PC1 and PC2. And also if the wireless PC wants to communicate with either PC1 or PC2, it blocks the connection between these two systems.

Let us discuss the Configuration of the router to know how the client isolation blocks the connection. The Configuration of the router prevents the client from communicating with each other. In the Router Configuration select the bridge and enable the IP firewall. The bridge will redirect all the data traffic to the firewall. This configuration is done in Wired Isolation.

Coming to the Wireless Isolation, Open it to uncheck the default forward and default authentication, these prevent the wireless connection to communicate with each other. And also open the firewall settings to create the list of IP addresses to reject the connection between client to client.

The Wireless isolation isolates clients in the network. It cannot see any other hosts in the network. It is only able to access the internet from the network. We can prevent access to the data in the wired connection that is connected through a wireless network. It acts as a security provider and doesn’t provide access to the resources and clients that are connected in a network.

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