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Before that Let us know what the mac address mean? To send information from one user to the other user, our computer or any device sends the IP address of the corresponding receiver device. But the IP address is only be seen as far as we have a modem or a router in your home. Our home router consists of many of the devices connected to it like phones, laptops, wireless phones, etc. Each of the connected devices consists of a MAC address. Every device is consists of an address called the MAC address. The MAC stands for Media access control. The MAC address identifies which device needs particular information in that local network.

Let say when the data reaches from the world wide web to the local network. The router decides, for which device the data need to be sent. This router identifies the receiver device’s MAC address and sends the information to the correct device.

The MAC address is in the data link layer. The MAC address on the data packets are constantly being changed, to track where the data packet is going.

The MAC address id of 48 bits long or 6 bits. The MAC address consists of two sections, the first 24 bytes or 3 bytes called the unique identifier. The last 24 bits is also a unique value that makes the unique MAC address. The last 24 bits of the MAC address format consist of the extension identifier. The extension identifier is also called Device ID.

There are two types of MAC addresses. They are

Unicast & Multicast

Unicast is the unique mac address we normally use. The Multicast MAC address is used for the application or a protocol. And only with that application or protocol are used in the listening to the message.

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