In a DNS zone, what type of record holds the name-to-address mapping for ipv6 addresses?

The AAAA record holds the name to address mapping for the IPV^ addresses. Let us know, what actually the DNS is? How many types of DNS records are present. The DNS records contain the data. The data is requested by the clients. Based on the type of the DNS record, this will return the kind of data it returns to the client and it does with the available information.

We have many DNS records that can be created. Now, let us discuss some of the DNS records that are most commonly used. The AAAA DNS record is the most widely used DNS record. The Quad A is also the most widely used DNS record. Record A can store the IP address for the specific DNS name. To understand in detail, let say an example if the client on a network wants to know the address of the DC1.

It would send the request to the DNS server, the DNS server would see, whether it matches the name DC1. If it gets matches, it would return the IP addresses contained in record A to that of the client. The record is required to resolve computers and the devices on the network.

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It consists of many records on the DNS server. Each device on a network will obtain an IP address on them. Records A are mainly used for the IPV4 addresses and the quad A records can be used for the IPV6 addresses. The quad A addresses are the “AAAA” addresses.

It is the only difference between the A and the AAAA addresses. The A and the AAAA(quad A ) will contain all the IP addresses of the devices on a network. We can also use them by using another type of record name.

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