what is not one of the ways in which networks are commonly

Let us know the clear understanding of the network segmentation, its benefits, and where the networks shouldn’t commonly segment. The Network segmentation creates the subnet in a set of networks or in a single network. Network segmentation can be used for many purposes. To know What Is Not One Of The Ways In Which Networks Are Commonly Segmented? keep reading this articl till the end, you will get to know much more about it.

It is mainly used for the organization of the networks. The Network segmentation is mostly used for the efficient use of the bandwidth. It can reduce the broadcast domains and removes the data traffic in a network.

The network is not segmented by a device manufacturer and mostly it enhances security by providing protection to an organization. We can have more control over the network traffic. The below figure 1.1 represents the Network segmentation, the network is separated for the various parts and connected to a router.

In order to communicate from one team to the other team, it should move through a router. A firewall is present at the back of the router, where we can perform many operations on the firewall. We can deny the unnecessary data that we do not need in the network.

There are many techniques that we use to segment a network. We have physical segmentation, it is the most simple method where we can separate the different devices into separate switches. Also, we have a Virtual Local area network, shortly known as the VLAN, all the devices are getting connected to the same switch or router, but works on the different VLANs. The below figure1.2 represents the network configuration, where two separate switches can separate different broadcast and domains.


Figure 1.1

Network 2

Figure 1.2

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One device may not know the work done by the other switch, these may provide high security but difficult to measure when we have the many devices connected to the switch. So we use the Virtual local area networks (VLANs).

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